Top Three Reasons Why Private Jet Charter Is Worth the Cost

Top Three Reasons Why Private Jet Charter Is Worth the Cost

Are you tempted by private jet charter, but not convinced it's worth the cost? Or maybe you're considering private jet ownership instead?

Then let us tell you how private jet charter benefits save you more time, money, and stress than commercial travel—or owning your own plane!

Private Jet Charter vs Private Jet Ownership

Owning your own plane might seem to offer the ultimate freedom. But of course, buying a plane is not cheap—nor is maintaining, repairing, storing, or insuring it. There's a host of potential fees to pay, too. These can include flying permits and landing fees.

There's also the small matter of those things necessary to make your plane 'go': fuel, a pilot, and possibly a crew.

While you can hire a pilot and crew on a trip-by-trip basis, they won't be available at the drop of a hat. If you hire your own full-time crew, you will have to pay them a retainer if you want them constantly available. They will also need rest time between trips. If you need a flight at these times, you will have to charter a flight instead—or hire more crew.  Employing staff incurs costs too, such as training and insurance.

Save Time with Private Jet Charter

Private jet rental makes everything quicker and smoother. You can:

  • Arrive in good time for your flight, but not hours early, as is sometimes required by commercial operators.
  • Enjoy the facilities your Fixed Base Operator offers at the airport as staff quickly take you through the necessary procedures and handle your luggage for you. There may be meeting rooms, showers, a gym or even accommodation available too, helping you save time.
  • Relax when you arrive, knowing your luggage will be swiftly and safely returned to you. It's a far more pleasant experience than waiting in the throng at the luggage carousel, hoping your suitcases appear (and are intact!).

Enjoy More Convenience and Flexibility

Private jet charters can access around ten times the number of airports used by commercial airlines. This often means you can depart from an airport closer to home and land at one closer to your destination, reducing the length, expense, and inconvenience of transfers.

You also fly at the dates and times to suit you. No antisocial flight times (unless they fit your schedule, or you’re sleeping on the plane). No early arrivals at meetings, late departures, or their associated hotel stays because flights aren't available to fit around your meeting. With a private jet charter, you can get to your destination just before the event starts and leave straight after if you wish. The list of benefits is even longer when you decide on a jet card membership.

If you’re thinking, "But I like a night in a hotel to decompress," then consider this: you can sleep on the plane if you charter a jet with convertible seats. You can even sleep in a private VIP suite, with a full double bedroom, proper bed, and en-suite shower room, if you wish.

A good private jet charter broker will ensure they find the ideal plane for your needs and customize your trip for your convenience. Whether you need specialist staff on board, a full-size meeting room, or bespoke catering, they can arrange it all. You can arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed, and ready for anything!

Experience Enhanced Comfort and Privacy

Private planes offer a more luxurious, spacious environment for your trip and more personal attention. Expect top-class catering and high-spec entertainment systems and technology. Plus, if you need to work on your journey, you will have the privacy and peace to do so. You can hold virtual or real-life meetings about confidential matters or work on sensitive material without being overheard or overlooked. This means business as usual and no wasted time.

Private Jet Charter: Unmatched for Convenience. Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

On paper, the cost of hiring a private business jet charter will usually be higher than booking commercial flights. But once you factor in the time you waste when taking commercial flights, their true cost comes to light.

Early check-ins; long queues at the check-in desk; luggage collection. They're all time-suckers. Long transfers and hotel stays are also time-suckers—and costly. If you can't work or hold meetings at the airport or in-flight, those periods become wasted time, too. And time is money!

Even if you ignore the luxurious amenities and conveniences of a private jet charter (and why would you?!), just on practicality alone, a private jet charter is definitely worth the cost. Try it, and you will never go back to flying commercial!