Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

One of the most overlooked items during the planning of a holiday is travel insurance.

A travel insurance policy is something every person holidaying in a foreign country should have. Travel insurance protects you from unexpected events which could cost you your holiday investment.

For instance, imagine you have planned to holiday in the Canary Islands with your family, and like the great traveler you're, you've already booked your Germany to Spain flight.

Unfortunately, on the scheduled travel day, you're forced to cancel your trip to La Palma Island because your daughter suddenly gets injured at the airport. If you don't have travel insurance, you will probably lose your flight tickets due to last-minute cancelations. You'll also incur out-of-pocket medical expenses when you take your son or daughter to the hospital. However, if you are traveling to Germany, choosing a travel health insurance policy among the available health insurance options in Germany can save you such travel mishaps. The policy will not only see you get reimbursement for the medical expenses but for the canceled tickets as well.

Need more reasons why you should get travel insurance for your upcoming trip?

Read on.

1.     Loss of Baggage During Your Trip

People lose their baggage all the time at airports.

With travel insurance, the good news is that you'll be compensated for your damaged or lost baggage. Travel insurance also reimburses you the amount you spend on necessary personal effects in case of baggage delay.

Also, if you lose your passport or other important documents during your travel, your insurer will reimburse you the cost of replacing the documents.

Moreover, travel insurance can also offer you emergency cash during a trip if your money or credit card is stolen.

2.     Flight Interruptions

Flight interruptions and delays caused by natural disasters, accidents, or personal issues are common glitches during travel.

Your travel insurance will cover expenses that you incur due to a flight delay, such as an unplanned overnight hotel stay and the cost of meals.

Additionally, if a hijack attempt caused the flight delay, the insurer will pay for the loss or damages you incur during the flight.

3.     Sickness Before or During Your Trip

Getting sick during your overseas trip isn't a good experience. Even worse is having to incur medical expenses in a foreign country.

Fortunately, when you have travel insurance, you can count on your insurer to cover your medical expenses and get you the best care from a hospital that offers quality healthcare services.

Besides, travel insurance also reimburses for prepaid trip costs if you cancel your trip because you or a family member got sick.

Moreover, if your policy covers trip interruption costs, you'll get reimbursed for the part of the trip you'll miss after discontinuing your holiday due to an injury or illness.

4.     Flight Cancellation

Nobody wants to lose all the money they've spent on travel tickets due to last-minute flight cancelations.

Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and even the most well-planned trips get canceled. We advise that you get travel insurance to protect your money when your flight is canceled in the eleventh hour.

A travel insurance policy offering trip cancellation coverage will reimburse you the money spent on travel tickets and hotel bookings.


5.     Emergency Evacuation

Death sometimes occurs away from home.

In the unfortunate event that an insured person dies during a trip, the travel insurance company will help the deceased's family transport the body to their home country.

Further, in case the insured has a medical emergency or suffers permanent disability during their travel, the insurer will provide emergency evacuation and cover repatriation expenses incurred to take the insured to their hometown.

6.     Personal Liability

Imagine a scenario where you're driving a street bike in India, and you accidentally bump and injure a pedestrian.

Such an incident may lead to you paying thousands of dollars to get the person hospitalized. It gets even worse in case the person decides to sue you.

The good news is that having a travel insurance plan that offers personal liability coverage can save you from such financial and legal problems.

7.     Travel Help

Knowing that you have someone who can help you during your travels is another good reason to get travel insurance.

For instance, you can always call your insurer in case you're stuck on where to get medical attention, where to replace a lost passport, or what to do in case of a natural disaster or a flight delay. And you can always trust your insurer to offer you reliable advice even when you're faced with a language barrier or other difficulties during your trip.

Besides, most travel insurance companies offer 24-hours emergency support in case of unforeseeable emergencies during travel.

According to some travel guard insurance reviews, travel insurance protects you from unexpected events which could cost you your holiday investment. If you're planning a vacation for you or your loved one, don't hesitate to get travel insurance, as it will ensure you enjoy a hassle-free trip.