Reconnect with Mother Nature at W Costa Rica - Reserva Conchal

Reconnect with Mother Nature at W Costa Rica - Reserva Conchal

Enveloped in a vast nature preserve teeming with wildlife, the sustainably designed W Costa Rica - Reserva Conchal presents the ultimate destination for eco-conscious travelers seeking to reconnect with Mother Nature on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020.

W Costa Rica is part of Reserva Conchal, a lush 2,300-acre nature reserve in Guanacaste which is committed to climate-positive operations aimed at reducing and neutralizing its carbon footprint. Taking cues from this prime location, the climate-positive resort’s vibrant architecture incorporates the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape at every turn.

In collaboration with Be-H20K – an environmental project that seeks to reduce the use of single-use plastics – W Costa Rica has become completely plastic-bottle free in its rooms and suites, and has implemented hydration stations throughout the property to encourage the use of re-useable water bottles. After enjoying the resort’s daily programming featuring Insta-hikes, bootcamps, yoga, and more, guests can re-hydrate using the hydration stations around the resort. Lastly, guests interested in becoming involved in sustainability efforts can participate in an organized beach cleanup activity.

Additionally, W Costa Rica works with Reserva Conchal on several sustainability initiatives ranging from desalinization plants, solar energy systems, volunteering programs, and more to protect the natural environment and biodiversity surrounding the resort.


Waste Recovery Center:

All waste is classified directly from the source and taken to W Costa Rica’s on-property recovery center where it is delivered to an authorized waste manager. The organic waste (pruning, food, wood, ashes, etc.) is treated in the recovery center through a compost system to produce organic compost used in green areas on property.

Wastewater Treatment:

Reserva Conchal has invested in an advanced technology irrigation system to prevent leaking and overwatering. This system is connected to W Costa Rica’s on-site treatment plant, where wastewater is 100 percent recycled for golf course greens and garden areas.

Desalinization Plant:

Reserva Conchal is home to the first desalinization plant in Costa Rica, leading the research and implementation of technology that allows the city’s hospitality business to reduce its water supply.

Solar Energy:

Nearly 1,400 solar panels installed provide roughly seven percent of Reserva Conchal’s hotel electricity consumption, presenting the largest solar farm ever installed by its parent company FIFCO. Overall, this solar energy system contributes to the reduction of 40 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Social and Economic

Vegetable Garden Project:

Encompasses “From the Vegetable Garden to the Table” project which seeks to create alternative forms of income and employment for families; includes the management of a vegetable garden to contribute to W Costa Rica’s produce demand.

Elegí Ayudar (Choose to Help) Volunteering Program:

A volunteering program focused on improving the quality of infrastructure for community services such as schools, parks, and common areas, along with the reforestation of critical environmental areas such as water basins, beach cleanings, and more.

Alongside these environmental and social initiatives, Reserva Conchal has obtained multiple environmental certifications showcasing W Costa Rica – Reserva Conchal’s commitment to the environment. Specifically, Reserva Conchal has earned an ISO 14001 certification, an international standard that identifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS), along with a Carbon Neutral Certification, a national program aimed to achieve carbon neutrality. Additionally, the area has achieved the following programs and certificates: Tourism Sustainability Certification, Blue Flag Ecological Program, and Water Quality Certification.

For more information, visit W Costa Rica online.