Red Savannah Launches New Itinerary for the Must-See Greek Islands

Red Savannah Launches New Itinerary for the Must-See Greek Islands

Traveling through the Greek islands is a true timeless adventure – each island seeped in history with a sleek and swoon-worthy landscape. Luxury travel company Red Savannah is offering Island Hopping in the Cyclades combining sophisticated and well-established islands such as Mykonos and Santorini with lesser-known island gems on a stunning eight-day journey.

Guests will travel in style on Red Savannah’s privately chartered speedboats, enjoying breathtaking views along the way. Days will be filled with rich history, culture, and cuisine, while nights will be spent at superb luxury hotels on some of the most desirable islands.

The highlights of the itinerary include:

  • Discovering dazzling blue coves and lesser-visited island
  • Immersing in picturesque Mykonos with its sugar-cube houses that are punctuated in bright blue and framed by bright pink bougainvillea
  • Exploring Delos, one of the most sacred islands in Greek mythology and purported birthplace of Apollo
  • Becoming enchanted by the natural beauty of Paros, with its crystal-clear waters, Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and iconic Cycladic architecture
  • Experiencing the rich archaeological heritage of Despotiko and its enigmatic sea caves
  • Stepping back in time on sleepy Antiparos, with its perfect beaches and laid-back capital of Chora
  • Marveling at the ancient temple gate of Portara on Naxos​, the largest and greenest of the Cyclades islands, and strolling through the marble village of Apeiranthos
  • Delving into the delights of Santorini with its volcanic caldera, exquisite wines, iconic vistas, and the ancient buried city of Akrotiri

Image Credit: Red Savannah