Remote Lands Offers Luxury Summer Travel in Asia

Remote Lands Offers Luxury Summer Travel in Asia

The summer months are fast approaching and Remote Lands is seeing a surge in interest to destinations that include Ayana Komodo Resort and Sumba Island in Indonesia as well as destinations in Malaysia and South Korea.

Based in New York and Bangkok,  Remote Lands specializes in extraordinary experiences that are difficult to arrange and require privileged access. With ties to well-connected parties and exclusive events, Remote Lands leans into its relationships with remarkable people throughout Asia to offer highly-tailored, luxe itineraries that feature unparalleled service and maximum attention to detail.


Brimming with islands and volcanoes, Komodo dragons and national parks, this destination in Indonesia brings travelers to Labuan Bajo, Maumere, Moni, Kelimutu, Bajawa, Ruteng, Loh Buaya Bay, Rinca, and the islands of Komodo, Padar and Mesa. Remote Lands specializes in expert tours to view Komodo dragons in their natural surroundings while also enjoying activities such as snorkeling, ship charters and many exclusive ways to experience Indonesia which include:

  • The Ayana Lako di’a - A specially built Phinisi ship that can be chartered around the island
  • Ayana Komodo Resort - A short flight from Bali, Ayana Komodo Resort is located on Waecicu Beach and offers vast ocean views in close proximity to Komodo National Park
  • Komodo National Park - Here guests can view Komodo dragons in their natural habitat, dive at castle rock with manta rays, and cruise along Kalong Island and Rinca Island which are two of only three islands in the world where Komodo dragons live
  • Adventure Through Flores to Komodo - For eight days in Indonesia, guests will travel through Maumere, Moni, Kelimutu, Bajawa, Ruteng, Labuan Bajo, Rinca and Komodo Island. Travelers will explore waterfalls, see a volcano sunrise on Mount Kelimutu, visit the Hobbit Cave and see the Spiderweb Rice Fields
  • Sailing Adventures in Komodo and North Flores - For six days, set sail around Indonesia. The aquatic adventure travels through Loh Buaya Bay and Komodo Island. Guests will meet the nomadic Sea Gypsies, see Komodo dragons and visit the 17 Islands National Park

Sumba Island - Indonesia

A trip to Sumba Island, surrounded by lush nature and pristine beaches, allows travelers to spend ten days in the relaxing, simple pleasures of life.  The trip includes:

  • Sumba villages - Visit traditional Sumbanese villages and learn about their way of life
  • Ikat Weaving - An artisan specialized craft done by local artists
  • Nihi Sumba - In this destination, guests will experience fantastic fishing, surfing and diving as well as the opportunity to stay at the renowned Nihi Sumba Resort
  • Waingapu - Visit East Sumba and experience intricate artisan design, ancient villages, and traditional Sumbanese dining

See the Classic Malaysian Borneo - Malaysia

Malaysia hosts diverse cultures and various geographical destinations such as dense jungles, enticing beaches, towering mountains and rainforests. For eight days, travelers have the opportunity to leave the city and visit  the jungle in the island of Malaysian Borneo. The area has fantastic biodiversity, serving as a home to tigers, rhinos, orangutans and elephants. This trip dives into the vast wildlife and setting of Borneo with experiences such as:

  • Kinabalu National Park - At Malaysia's UNESCO World Heritage site, travelers can hike among some of the richest biodiversity in the world
  • Orangutan Experiences - Thriving in the Bornean jungle, these animals can be seen in the wild and in rehabilitation centers
  • Kinabatangan River - This is the second largest river in Malaysia and is a host to hundreds of amazing species. Go on river safaris and jungle treks to experience the remarkable nature first hand
  • Primeval Ancient Rainforest - 130 million years old, this rainforest offers canopy walks, a field center, and numerous trails to traverse

South Korean Summer Adventure - South Korea

For eight days the summer adventure in South Korea provides skydiving in Ansan and windsurfing in the Han River, as well as hiking on Jeju Island. Downtime offers the opportunity to decompress in Korean saunas called jjimjilbangs and other exclusive Remote Lands activities. Thrilling adventures during this summertime excursion include:

  • Seoul’s Hand River - Windsurf, waterski and wakeboard on the waterway
  • Gangwonodo Adventure - In the Odaesan National Park, experience Birobond peak as well as hiking, camping and other activities
  • Skydive - In Seoul, travelers can skydive to view the geography from miles above
  • Jeju - Experience Sunrise Peak, a volcanic crater near Mount Halla along with crystal clear waters and pristine beaches