Renting a Luxury Car in Iceland

Renting a Luxury Car in Iceland

The Icelandic definition of luxury

Luxury and cars. An intriguing combination and perhaps one that doesn't necessarily involve you driving yourself around a barren albeit breathtakingly beautiful island. It can be tough. Especially if you consider luxury to be the freedom to explore stunning natural scenery with spectacular sites and experiences. All of a sudden you have added an element of luxury to a way of travel that might not be all that obvious to begin with. What is referenced here is the decision to rent a car in Iceland. More specifically renting a car via Reykjavik Cars. Car rentals have become the number one choice of logistics for travelers visiting Iceland, this having a lot to do with the fact that the public transportation system on the island leaves a lot to be desired. However, it is also about taking the opportunity of basking in the luxury of planning your own travel itinerary as well as not being confined to any restrictions when it comes to time. To drive in Iceland takes a bit of planning. Luckily since many travelers prefer this way of exploring the island, there is a wealth of information available when you have decided to hire a car in Iceland.

The nature of the car rental business

Car hire in Iceland is a thriving business and companies such as Reykjavik Cars has made it their mission to provide travelers with as much information as possible when it comes to exploring Iceland. Information that is vital due to the infamous unpredictable Icelandic weather conditions, the difficulty of mastering the roads as well as safety regulations specifically applicable when driving in the type of nature Iceland offers. This should not deter you from exploring Iceland by renting a car and setting your own schedule though, as the island is too extraordinary to miss. The amount of natural wonders on display are almost unprecedented and by driving yourself around it is possible to add another dimension to the experience. Before heading of exploring the Northern lights, it really is paramount to make sure you have familiarized yourself with everything form car insurance to what type of vehicle you should be renting based on what it is you want to see during your travels. Some things are general knowledge, i.e. applicable every time you want to rent a car, including rental rates, however there is also specific information that is unique to Iceland itself.

Urban or country

When renting a car in Iceland, you as a driver must of course fulfill certain requirements such as for instance having a driver’s license. After having covered the basics though it’s time to go into the specifics. Depending on if you plan to stay in for instance the city of Reykjavik, where it is much more convenient to have a 2WD or if you plan to explore the F-roads (mountain roads) where a 4x4 is the wiser choice, there are a few decisions that you need to make in terms of rentals in Iceland. Once having decided on which vehicle is the more appropriate, you will need to make sure there is unlimited mileage as well as the right insurance, which in Iceland is mandatory for rentals. Usually travelers pick up and drop of their rental at the Keflavik International Airport, which is where all international flights arrive. This is important as there are two airports in Iceland, the other one being Reykjavik Airport, catering to all national flights. It's possible to find more information on for instance drop of locations by contacting the 24-hour available customer services at car rental companies like Reykjavik Cars. Another alternative offered by Reykjavik Cars is to have the rental car delivered to whichever hotel you have chosen to stay at in the capital. This is the more convenient choice if you for instance want to discover the city a bit before heading out on the open roads.

The luxury of choice

Arrive at the airport, either pick up your rented vehicle directly or when you arrive at your hotel. Enjoy having chosen a vehicle perfect for your personal travel itinerary, loaded with comfort and add-on such as Wi-Fi and GPS and drive safe and secure through the wild natural scenery that is Iceland. Depending upon how much time you have once in Iceland, bask in the luxury of choosing which spectacular route you want for your epic road trip. Not that you can go wrong with whatever you choose. Iceland offers something for everyone. From beautiful waterfalls and lava fields to amazing hiking grounds and of course the Geysirs. Just remember to be safe and inform yourself about local weather conditions as well as road safety. Due to Iceland’s unique composition there are plenty of services in Iceland equipped to help you with your acquirement. Reykjavik Cars are perfect for all of the above, offering everything you need and all the relevant information before you start your once-in-a-lifetime road trip in Iceland, included unlimited miles.