Retro Espresso: Coffee worth traveling for

Retro Espresso: Coffee worth traveling for
Using the Allpress Espresso brand, staff at Retro Espresso are all trained baristas and Brent says they are all trained to make your cup of coffee as if they were making it for themselves. You can also pick up a brownie, afghan biscuit or muesli slice, baked fresh by a small Titirangi café, which Brent also owns.

When he approached the airport company about setting up his Retro Espresso caravan, which he bought after discovering it in the Arizona desert, in USA, Brent digitally enhanced a photo of the place he wanted the business to be located so it included his caravan. This convinced executives the retro caravan was the right look for the airport. “Simon Moutter has said he wants the airport to be a destination and not just a transition place and Retro Espresso delivers that,” Brent says.

Retro Espresso has been at the airport for a few years now and Brent says he's developed a loyal clientele of airport staff and regular travelers. His caravan is so popular Wellington airport have asked him to set up there and Perth airport has also approached him.

Brent says you'll know when you have a good cup of coffee. “A good coffee should be smooth. You shouldn't walk away with a bitter taste in your mouth and you should be wanting more once you have finished,” he says.

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