Riviera Ready - Cannes & Cote d'Azur Looks from Sevda London

Riviera Ready - Cannes & Cote d'Azur Looks from Sevda London
To introduce the new venture, SEVDA LONDON has also launched a matching silk and cashmere blend scarf collection. Inspired by her travels and infused with her east meets west design philosophy, SEVDA LONDON handbags are exquisitely handcrafted in Italy, creating chic and feminine silhouettes with minimal details.

The Designer

Born in Bursa, Turkey, a city synonymous with a rich history in textile craftsmanship, Sevda developed an appreciation for the country's rich cultural history and handicraft. Encouraged by her mother to pursue her dreams of becoming a designer, Sevda mastered fashion studies at the Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts Textile and Fashion Design in Istanbul. After working as a designer for several leather brands in Istanbul, Sevda relocated to London to hone her craft and completed a variety of courses at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. There she began to shape her philosophy and real plans for her business.

“I am a designer. When I create a bag, I know that it is going to come alive at the hands of a real woman. As time passes, it evolves into its own unique character, by the style of its constant companion, its owner, her imprints and her scent. It will reflect her personality. The bag no longer becomes an accessory.”


A combination of rich leather, textured suede and bespoke handcrafted metal detailing, SEVDA LONDON handbags are the epitome of couture quality craftsmanship. Launching with four different designs The Audrey, The Victoria all the designs are based on women who embody strength and elegance which is reflected in the unique detailing of each bag. All four designs are available in three color waves and are designed to be timeless in aesthetic, unique in design and charged with meaning.

Sevda London - Victoria Mini- £895.00


Bold patterns and powerful color palettes make up the essence of SEVDA LONDON scarves. Designed to be the perfect accompaniment to your SEVDA LONDON handbag, all the scarves are created in Lake Como Italy and are inspired by Sevda's childhood memories of her summers spent in an English garden. With unique detailing like crowned birds, Tulips, Roses and Dahlias, some of the silk patterns took more than two months each to complete. Available in both silk and cashmere, SEVDA LONDON scarves are designed to be worn day and night, each scarf draped and worn differently with respect to our unique preferences. Indulging our wardrobes with a sense of individuality, imagination and a touch of mischief.

Sevda London - Tulip Scarf - £175.00

For more information, please contact: www.sevdalondon.com