ROAR AFRICA Introduces Into the Wild with David Whyte

ROAR AFRICA Introduces Into the Wild with David Whyte

Into the Wild with David Whyte, a journey of self-discovery and self-realization in Kenya designed and delivered by ROAR AFRICA, facilitates the discovery of peace and purpose while offering a deep reconnection with self. The lauded writing of acclaimed poet, author, philosopher and international speaker David Whyte explores the timeless relationship of human beings with their conception, environment, relationships, and the end of life itself. The six-night excursion set in the majesty of Kenya’s Segera Retreat is offered February 22 to 28, 2023, for 12 couples or 24 guests.

Each day of the inspiring journey is centered around an element - earth, water, fire, air and ether - with themed poetry readings and activities, as well as related body work like breathe, sound and touch. All of the specialized programming, intended to bring guests ‘out of their heads and into their hearts,’ includes daily game drives and nature walks; a visit to Segera’s canine unit; a Swahili interactive cooking experience; drumming, the ancient form of African celebration and healing; and storytelling with the likes of author and writer Alexandra Fuller.

I’m sure in our evolutionary pasts, the dynamic of meditation came from watching animals quietly if you were hunting or watching a landscape quietly if you were picking berries. And in that silence, we found ourselves being touched by the suchness of everything we witnessed and saw,” says Whyte. “What makes the natural world so healing to human beings is that it’s just itself; the cloud is the cloud, the tree is the tree. And yet us humans are really quite extraordinary in that we can refuse to just be ourselves. We can get afraid of the way we are and temporarily put a mask over our face and present to be something or someone else. But by understanding that the essence of our identity is always being at this crossroads is the foundational miracle of human incarnation – the ability to experience and hold them together at one and the same time,” he adds.

What has become obvious is that the western world’s obsession with a wellness industry that focuses on self-improvement, self-optimization and self-indulgence sidesteps that most sacred and ancient connection – the one between all living things,” says Calmeyer. “At ROAR AFRICA, we call this ancient connectedness ecological intelligence, and I’ve seen how it can awaken the discovery of peace, purpose and a deep sense of self that is vital to every journey that we create. I am delighted and honored to be co-hosting this journey with David. We share the wonder and acknowledgement of how nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and spiritual satisfaction, and reflects our shared ethos about the power of the wild to heal and nurture,” she adds.

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