Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel Offers Brand New Luxury Roman Experiences

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel Offers Brand New Luxury Roman Experiences

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel invites guests to discover six brand new luxury experiences as part of Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts’ brand-wide Live Unforgettable campaign. Each unique experience takes guests on an educational journey through Rome, guaranteed to inspire and leave a lasting impression.

Aligned with Rome Cavalieri’s commitment to sustainability, the hotel introduces a new fashion and design workshop experience with Ilaria Venturini Fendi’s sustainable project. In collaboration with TERRAEVENTS, Rome Cavalieri extends five new unique cultural experiences to guests, ranging from a dreamy Roman countryside garden tour and picnic to a sensorial journey through Rome’s underbelly of libraries and cultural shops, to a tour through the virtually unknown region of Ciociaria, and more. The following experiences are now available for guests to book.


In collaboration with Carmina Campus, Ilaria Venturini Fendi's sustainable project focusing on fashion, design, environment and social development, Rome Cavalieri now offers a creative workshop at the brand’s concept store RE(f)USE, located in the heart of Rome, a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps. During this very special sustainable tour guests will see unique pieces of design and fashion and learn how the reuse of materials combined with high quality craftsmanship gives life to “sustainable creativity.” Guests can choose materials and colors that the artisans of Carmina Campus will use to create an elegant pouch that will be sent directly to their home. This RE(f)USE experience offers the opportunity to see the world and its conservation from a different and modern perspective.

A Taste Of The Roman Countryside

A place full of history, where the respect for nature and love for wine are blended harmoniously, guests are taken to an organic countryside farm, known for its world-renowned Italian wines, cheese and honey. Only 20 minutes from Rome’s city center, at the farm guests are guided through the spectacularly green biological vegetable garden, can take part in a cheese workshop, and can hunt for medicinal plants on a herbology adventure before relaxing and sitting for a special culinary celebration in the form of a picnic lunch.

A Tale of The Tailors – A Movie Exploration

Ideal for fashion and movie lovers and led by a local personal shopper, guests can delve into the history of Italian movie fashion and haute couture during a unique tour of two famous cinematic and theatrical tailoring studios, the Sorelle Ferroni and the Micol Fontana Foundation. Guests will learn how Italian haute couture was taken to the silver screen and enjoy an exquisitely stylish experience during this four-hour tour into history.

A Sensorial Journey

A discovery of Rome away from the main sights, guests can experience the hidden corners and nooks of a city filled with history and culture. This journey to the underbelly of The Eternal City includes a visit to one of Europe’s most ancient libraries called The Biblioteca Angelica, artisan workshops and pharmacies in the bohemian neighborhood of Trastevere, as well as traditional delis and gelaterias where guests can have a lunch of Rome rarities.

Behind Secret Doors

In a city filled with secret passages, while others queue up to take their turn at peering through the Aventine Keyhole, participants in this experience will be led within its walls where they will walk through a labyrinth of Italianate gardens and venture through tree-lined boulevards and gardens that once belonged to legendary crusader knights and religious orders. Descending more than two stories below street level to the hidden depths of a 12th century Basilica, guests will bear witness to fascinating ancient remains and a mithraeum – a temple dedicated to the god Mithras. Served from a heritage vehicle, a jovial gourmet break will be organized at the ambrosial orange gardens.

Exploring Ciociara

Led by a countryside captain, guests will become privileged purveyors of some of the oldest villages and structures in the whole of Italy during a tour of the ancient region of Ciociaria. A virtually unknown misty patch of fluorescent green land nestled in the wild mountains of central Italy, Ciociaria is a secret even to many Italians. During this eight-hour venture, guests will explore medieval villages carved into the landscape of this lustrous green region and tread the ancient flagstones of a centuries old cathedral known as the ‘Sistine Chapel of the Middle Ages.’

Additional Experiences

Travelers can also take advantage of Rome Cavalieri’s existing luxury experiences, such as Truffle Hunting in Umbria, the Ultimate Jet Lag Remedy experience, Italian Shoe Making, Rome tour on electric Vespa and more. All are bookable via the hotel Concierge at +39 06 35092040 or via email at

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel operates in line with government guidelines and the safety of guests and staff is a top priority. To make a reservation or for more information about the offerings at Rome Cavalieri, please visit