Rosewood London Launches The Gin Bar

Rosewood London Launches The Gin Bar
Gin lovers can sample this vast selection accompanied by a range of 27 branded and a signature tonic made in-house from a top secret recipe.

Famed for serving seasonal, locally-sourced British cuisine with a modern twist, Holborn Dining Room is confirming its devotion to quintessential Britishness by dedicating its bar to the most British of spirits, Gin. In total guests can treat themselves to one of 14,035 possible gin and tonic pairings from well-known international brands to small-batch, local distillers. Prices will range from £9 for Rathbone London Dry, to £52 for the rare 1950s Taplows London Dry Gin.

The Gin library will include over a hundred Gins distilled in the UK such as: the Northumberland Gin Company’s Steam Punk Gin, based on a classic gin recipe from 1892 and incorporating a blend of seven botanicals; the playful Opihr Oriental Spiced gin made with ingredients found along the traditional spice route including Indonesian Cubeb berries, Indian black pepper and Moroccan coriander; and the award-winning Japanese-inspired Jinzu, a London Dry with hints of cherry blossom and softened with Junmai sake.

International offerings include: the ecologically friendly Forest Dry: Spring made from purely seasonal botanicals grown at the distillery; Buss no. 509 White Rain, a contemporary, fruit forward gin made from Belgian botanicals; the extra-herbaceous Uppercut Gin containing a blend of damiana, strawberry leaf and vervain; and Cognac-based Pink-Pepper Gin, a unique, intense and aromatic sipping gin with spicy note like the eponymous pink pepper.

As well as featuring several classic London Dry styles, the Gin library will play host to a wealth of other types: Distilled gins, with colours and flavourings added post distillation, such as the ‘agreeably British’ Pinkster raspberry gin, will feature alongside unusual offerings like Finland’s Kyrö small-batch Rye gin and, of course, a range of over 20 genevers, Gin’s predecessor and historical inspiration for the term ‘Dutch Courage’.

Alongside the vast array of Gins, Holborn Dining Room will be serving over 27 different types of Tonic Water – including Merchant’s Heart, Peter Spanton and Fever Tree – as well as a signature tonic made in-house from a top secret recipe. The Gin Bar will also offer a range of classic gin cocktails including Aviation, Martinez, and Vespa, to name a few.

Nestled within the meticulously restored Rosewood London, Holborn Dining Room, operated by Des McDonald, is a grand British Brasserie serving seasonal, locally sourced British cuisine with a modern twist. Behind Holborn Dining Room’s stylish copper-topped bar you’ll find Bar Manager and Gin Enthusiast, Matthew Sloper, previously of The George Club private members bar in Mayfair where he developed his experience in luxury hospitality and menu curation.

Matthew Sloper said: “We always want to have a strong British feeling in everything we do at Holborn Dining Room so why not work with the most celebrated UK spirit? At over 400 Gins and counting, we have the largest selection of Gin in London which is really exciting, especially when coupled with the 27 different tonics, including our top-secret homemade tonic."

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