Rosewood London Unveils Gerald Scarfe Cocktail Menu

Rosewood London Unveils Gerald Scarfe Cocktail Menu
The brainchild of Bar Manager Martin Siska and head bartender Greg Almeida, this visual menu offers 15 unique cocktails that capture the essence of some of Gerald’s most iconic subjects including Charlie Chaplin, Harry Potter, James Bond, Mary Poppins, MacBeth and Monty Python. While sipping on these hand-crafted cocktails, guests can admire Gerald’s works which adorn the marble walls of Scarfes Bar.

Sample Cocktails include:

• The Thane’s Tipple: Scarfes Bar’s very own whisky takes center stage in The Thane’s Tipple – a liquid representation of the Scottish Villain, Macbeth combining the smooth whisky with vegetal undertones with honey and mace syrup.

• Iron Lady: A tribute to Baroness Margaret Thatcher comes in the form of the aptly named Iron Lady, which uses an intense infusion of Porcini mushroom with Talisker 10-Year-Old Whisky as its base joined by a punch Malbec reduction and fiery galangal.

• Make the Medicine Go Down: Musical legend Mary Poppins’ temperament influences this straight up serve entitled Make the Medicine Go Down made with Johnnie Walker Gold Label, a tangy roasted pineapple shrub, home-infused chrysanthemum Cocchi Americano rosa and a touch of lavender bitters.

• Highgrove: This cocktail is named after the much-loved private gardens of its subject, HRH Prince Charles. This serve heroes a delicately infused Bombay Sapphire gin, using a rotovap to permeate ingredients including marjoram, mint, tarragon and lily buds all topped with R de Ruinart Brut Champagne.

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