Sacrebleu Paris Fulfills Discerning Travelers' Dreams

Sacrebleu Paris Fulfills Discerning Travelers' Dreams
Created by native Parisian Stephanie Boutet-Fajol, the company has received a resounding welcome from its clients, who hailed it as “one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.” Pushing beyond the traditional limits of luxury concierge services, the company delivers on clients' visions of a turnkey, VIP, and overly engaging travel experience in the City of Lights…for a day, a weekend, a week or more.

As individuals and businesses look for innovative ideas to enhance their Paris travel, Sacrebleu Paris offers a unique set of services along with quality personalized assistance to meet any client request. The seasoned team is eager to tap into their far-reaching Paris network and share their local knowledge with clients - no request is too large or too small. Operating on a moment's notice is Sacrebleu Paris' specialty.

“We are in the business of fulfilling Parisian dreams,” said Stephanie Boutet-Fajol, Sacrebleu Paris' founder. “If a client is looking to visit the workshop of a fashion designer, we'll send them to a private atelier of a designer in line with their fashion style. Or, if they have a request for a restaurant reservation that has a two month waitlist, we'll secure them that hard to get table. If the client is an art enthusiast, we have specialists with appropriate expertise who can provide tours of the galleries in the Marais or through an exhibition. Sacrebleu Paris is here to listen to our clients' interests and figure out how best to entertain those interests within the Paris landscape.”

Stephanie Boutet-Fajol and her team know that anticipating the wants and needs of Sacrebleu Paris' clients are key to a successful stay in Paris. The team operates from the moment guests make the decision to visit the City of Lights, getting to know their VIPs intimately and ensuring that nothing is left to chance. This allows Sacrebleu to craft the trip of a lifetime, to a client's specific tastes and personality.

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