Sanotint Products and Dyes Ensure Natural-Based Low-Allergy Haircare

Sanotint Products and Dyes Ensure Natural-Based Low-Allergy Haircare

What puts us off a person more than frizzy, greasy, unkempt hair at first sight? The magic of first impression, the precious few nanoseconds during which our mind forms an opinion, is gone. Irreparable damage is inflicted on a budding relationship. Proper hair hygiene and care are so vital to us that people have been embellishing their hair for millennia using all kinds of colorants—from all sorts of harmless natural to less harmless chemical ones. Archaeological evidence suggests humans used dyes in the Palaeolithic age. Early humans applied the iron oxide contained in the dirt to decorate their dwellings, textiles, and bodies with red and their heads.

The hair care and hair coloring industry is enormous.  Globally, hair care products are the most significant portion of the beauty industry, taking a quarter of industry revenue. In the U.S., hair-coloring services account for 18 percent of hair salons revenue. An estimated 70 percent of women in the U.S. regularly color their hair. There are, understandably, hundreds of brands, some better, some worse, yet every hair dyes manufacturer has one goal in mind—to make our hair look the best with minimal damage. Over years of systematic use, hair deteriorates and even falls out. However, like Italy’s Sanotint, some brands have long begun transitioning to natural dying ingredients that are much more sparing on our hair than artificial ones. Sanotint Classic, for instance, is made of ingredients of plant origin and a minimal dose of synthetic pigments. It provides excellent coverage of grey hair, long-lasting color, and a wide range of colors—from several shades of brown to many shades of blond, all in all, 30 shades. Its natural ingredients are extracts of golden millet, olive, birch, grape seeds; further, Sanotint has different categories of dyes, each suitable for a particular type of hair—Classic, Sensitive, and Reflex. Sanotint’s uses pigments that act gently, and as their base is made of natural cosmetic products (94%), they supply substances with curative properties giving hair a shiny and healthy look.

The dyes are supplemented with touch-up products—the Lightening kit and mascara. In addition, the Sensitive line is free of P-phenylenediamine, which is known to cause skin irritation and is a perfect fit for users with sensitive skin. In general, SanotinŠµ keeps the maximum percentage of synthetic pigments at the lowest —1%, whereas traditional colorants contain from 5 to 10 percent.

In addition to hair colorants, Sanotint carries an extensive line of natural-based shampoos for various types of hair and different Ph values, masques, oils, fixing gels, and other essential hair care products.

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