Savor Authentic Latin America With Cox & Kings

Savor Authentic Latin America With Cox & Kings
Cox & Kings, The Americas presents enticing ways to savor these unique cultural and natural delights with a new collection of 2013 Latin America & Antarctica journeys that take travelers through the soaring peaks of vast mountain ranges and into the welcoming homes of locals.

These new journeys pair historical routes, archaeological masterpieces and natural wonders with bespoke cultural encounters to create multi-sensory experiences that allow travelers to not only bask in the wonders of this region, but also interact with the local communities and gain hands-on knowledge on their everyday lives through excursions to local haciendas and scenic estancias.

From savoring the flavorful, world-renowned beef raised locally on the rolling hills of Argentina to exploring the pristine and alien shores of the Galápagos Islands, these journeys offer a vibrant spectrum of breathtaking scenery and life-changing experiences with unique communities that are sure to leave traveling souls craving for more.

New Cox & Kings Latin America & Antarctica journeys for 2013 include:

• Mexico: Mayan World & Riviera
(13 Days, 12 Nights) — Experience the mysteries of the ancient Mayan empire with this unique journey through Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. This journey melds an archaeological adventure with cultural discovery as travelers traverse from the grand and mysterious temples of the Yucatán to the quaint and charming streets of modern-day villages lined with goods created by local artisans. As accommodations are established on centuries-old family-run haciendas, travelers gain first-hand knowledge on how to grow and utilize local produce and have the opportunity to try their hand at perfecting coveted Yucatecan recipes. Prices begin at U.S. $7,225 per person, based on double occupancy.

• Chile & Argentina: Patagonia & Fjords
(12 Days, 11 Nights) —Trek through the heart of Patagonia on this incredible journey through one of the world’s greatest wilderness regions. Icebergs, rugged peaks and pastoral scenery are paired with Latin American flavor at its sultry best. Buenos Aires — known as the “Paris of South America” — awaits travelers with its cultural delights, including festive dinners, tango performances and stunning architecture. The journey culminates to a culinary high note with a day excursion to the pampas to learn about the lives and traditions on an authentic estancia, where travelers savor a classic Argentinean barbeque of fine beef and wines. Prices begin at U.S. $8,795 per person, based on double occupancy.

• Ecuador: Galápagos & Andes Family Adventure
(8 Days, 7 Nights) — Explore the strange geological formations of Galápagos and the beauty of the Ecuadorian highlands with this new family-friendly excursion. Bask in the natural wonders of these enchanting islands with a four-day wildlife adventure. These islands play host to both mysterious landscapes and beautiful landscapes with stunning wildlife to match. The journey concludes with an interactive stay at one of the country’s greatest haciendas, Hacienda Zuleta, where travelers can learn the art of Zuleta’s cheese production or take a horseback tour through its postcard-worthy meadows. Prices begin at U.S. $6,075 per person, based on double occupancy.

• Complete Nicaragua
(9 Days, 8 Nights) — Go off the beaten track to discover the magic of little-visited Nicaragua, home to enchanting forests, delectable seafood and dormant volcanoes adorned in a lush green carpet of tropical flora. Although this charming nation is one of the lesser-known destinations in Central America, Nicaragua offers a bevy of both cultural and natural wonders, from its authentic culinary fare and growing art scene to the otherworldly volcanic lagoons of Lake Nicaragua. Prices begin at U.S. $3,225 per person, based on double occupancy.

• Colonial Mexico
(11 Days, 10 Nights) — Mexico’s vibrant and colorful past beckons, calling travelers onto its cobblestone streets and into its winding subterranean passages beneath centuries-old cities. This sojourn through Mexico’s colonial history takes an epicurean turn, with celebrity chef Patricia Quintana guiding travelers through a bustling market to mark the finer points of Mexican cuisine and help design (and cook!) an authentic three-course meal. Cultural discovery awaits with a sojourn through the heart of San Miguel Allende, a charming city well-known for its local art scene. Prices begin at U.S. $5,925 per person, based on double occupancy.

• Colombia In-Depth
(13 Days & 12 Nights) – Explore the natural and historical treasures of Colombia, from the historic heart of Bogotá to the expansive and equally beautiful Tayrona National Park and sync with this vibrant nation’s pulse. Snorkeling excursions through this region’s crystal-clear waters offer glimpses into a unique underwater world while journeys through its pristine rainforests and enchanting colonial towns provide insight into the world-renowned legend of El Dorado. Prices begin at U.S. $4,575 per person, based on double occupancy.

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