Shangri-La Hotel, Paris Introduces 100% Vegan Afternoon Tea

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris Introduces 100% Vegan Afternoon Tea
An entirely vegetable approach

Chefs Moret and Bartocetti are loyal to cuisine deeply rooted in nature and, in keeping with the seasons, have naturally chosen to ensure their afternoon tea is in tune with values dear to their heart: fresh products sourced locally in a transparent and ethical way. The chefs chose to do away with all traces of animal fat and protein without forsaking the creativity and gourmet pleasure associated with the pastries served at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris. In line with the chefs' values, Chef Bartocetti developed a “100% Vegan Afternoon Tea”.

Tea at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris is the most vegan, natural and gourmet afternoon tea in the capital.

At a time when many would like to adopt healthier eating habits, Shangri-La Hotel, Paris refined its approach of buying products directly from producers. With pastries as with other forms of cuisine, “the product is everything” and Chef Bartocetti draws inspiration mainly from seasonal products.

United by the same enthusiasm, both chefs were keen to preserve the nature of fruit and flavors as much as possible: using vegetable proteins – subtler and easier to digest – and non-refined sugars, in particular, such as coconut flower, panela (rapadura) and maple syrup. Fruit and natural flavors have therefore reclaimed their rightful position at the heart of each delicacy.

Varied creations

As a result, the chefs’ pastries are lighter and have greater personality: no lactose whatsoever, less cholesterol, but with virgin coconut oil, pureed almonds, a wide range of cereals (buckwheat, sunflower seeds and Khorasan wheat), oleaginous products (walnuts, flaxseed and so on), and homemade vegetable milks (almond and soya), all of which are used in a subtle way.

Basing their work on the expertise and sourcing skills of Bernadette Combette, their research and trials lasted close to three months before they came up with a varied menu of 10 pastries. Alternating between the simplicity of a tart or shortcrust pastry and the sophistication of great classics, such as Mont-Blanc and Calisson – and not forgetting the essential British tradition of scones and shortbreads – these pastries will make even the greatest gourmets melt with pleasure. A revisited version of the childhood favorite Figolu® biscuits should not be overlooked either.

A veritable horn of plenty filled with delicious delights to suit all manner of tastes, the afternoon tea takes gastronomic pleasure further.

A few signature pastries to be enjoyed without moderation include:

Light and delicate: the Calisson

This mousse is made from oranges picked between Perpignan and Sicily, a financier biscuit containing almonds and hazelnuts grown in the Bourbonnais, almond paste produced in Berry and delicious almond milk. Here the noble heritage of the Calisson is restored.

Lighter yet more daring: a Chestnut and Blackcurrant Mont-Blanc

Containing no egg white, this vegan Mont-Blanc is easier to digest and absolutely delicious. It contains chestnuts from Lozère, blackcurrants from the Hautes-Alpes and Anjou, blackcurrant juice from Corrèze and flour made from chestnuts grown in the Ardèche. The chocolate shells are made from fair-trade dark chocolate from Venezuela and white chocolate containing rice flour.

Nothing but 100 percent pure origin chocolate: Chocolate Tart

Thanks to fair-trade couverture chocolate made from the very best cacao beans in Peru, at first bite, this tart entirely made of chocolate is fresh to the palate, progressively giving way to a powerful and exceptional bitterness with every successive mouthful.

"100% Vegan Afternoon Tea" includes 10 pastries and savory mini sandwiches. It is available at €39 (about US $44) per person (€70 [about US $79] for two) from Monday to Friday, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., and on Saturdays and Sundays from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

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