Shopping in Istanbul: The ultimate guide to malls, streets and bazaars

Shopping in Istanbul: The ultimate guide to malls, streets and bazaars

In Istanbul, the vast range of bazaars, malls and famous streets host thousands of bargains and luxury stores which are more than tempting! Whether buying souvenirs in bazaars, or clothes in cosmopolitan boutique stalls, travelers always find what they want in this vast metropolis. Covering two continents, Istanbul hosts millions of visitors every year, who usually go home with memories and souvenirs of their trip.

It’s important to address the famous haggling or bartering as it is more commonly known. Some stalls accept haggling, but in others, it is socially unacceptable. You can bargain over prices on expensive items like carpets, jewellery, souvenirs. If the stall owner does not attach price tags, they accept haggling. However, when visiting brand name merchant stores, the price on the label is what to pay. Bearing in mind the overwhelming choice sometimes leads to shopper’s frustration, the experts at Property Turkey have listed the best places to go.

1) Buying souvenirs

Given Istanbul is Turkey’s number one tourist destination, souvenir stores line most central streets. From the touristy old city Sultanahmet district to trendy Beyoglu, often called the new part, although its history stems back decades. As you sightsee around significant landmarks, look at entrances and exits for small stores. Many museums also have their gift stalls. Popular items to buy include products with the Turkish flag, such as cups, keyrings, notebooks or the Evil eye, known as Nazar Boncugu. Otherwise, vendors sell carpets, kilims and rugs that easily fit in suitcases, alongside Turkish delight, tea, and coffee.

2) The Grand Bazaar

Speaking of souvenirs, we must mention the Grand Bazaar and the smaller version of the Spice Bazaar. Both popular places sell souvenirs but are also tourist attractions because they date back to the Ottoman period. This is a chance to practise your haggling skills and takes you around a maze including courtyards with artisan shops, and fantastic architecture from years gone by. One reason the Grand earns admiration is that as one of the world’s largest and oldest market, it offers nostalgia among a modern lifestyle. Stalls are grouped together according to what they sell, and this adheres to an age-old tradition from Constantinople.

3) Lively Istiklal Avenue

Crossing over the Golden-horn bridge, stroll further uphill to arrive at Istiklal Avenue, Turkey’s longest and busiest street that on a typical day sees millions of passers-by. Leading up to the Taksim Square monument, shops line both sides but don’t ignore the back roads because they throw out beautiful gems. For example, the Cukurcuma neighbourhood is famous for their antique shops. If shopping makes you thirsty, choose from many pubs for a lunchtime pint. Likewise, if the walking distance wears you out, jump on the iconic red tram.

4) Notable streets and avenues

Head to Nisantasi in the Sisli district to find Abdi Ipekci street, and be amazed at the opulent ambience surrounding it. Known as the most expensive place to shop in Turkey, many a
traveller has compared it to Rodeo Drive. Small cafes dot the side streets, where shoppers pause for tea and lunch, before continuing to the upscale luxury shops. Otherwise, cross the Bosphorus strait to the Asian side and try Bagdat Avenue stretching for 14 kilometres from Kadikoy to Maltepe. Most of it sits in high-end neighbourhoods, so don’t expect to find a bargain.

5) Best shopping malls in Istanbul

Istanbul fully embraced the concept of modern malls with open arms. There is an enormous choice, but an excellent place to start is the Zorlu centre in Besiktas. Open seven days a week from 10am to 10pm, Zorlu covers 105,000 square metres and is home to 205 stores like Louis Vuitton, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger and Mango. Zorlu also promotes gourmet concepts, through eateries and restaurants, and offers an extraordinary cinema experience for film lovers with eight halls with a capacity of 1,212 seats.

Istinye Park in the Sariyer district also earns much fame. Opening in 2007, 270 thousand square metres features 280 stores, of which 147 are clothing and a wide choice of restaurants from world cuisine. The car park alone has the capacity for up to 3,600 vehicles, and many locals say Istinye is the best of luxury shopping in Turkey. It has won awards including Expansion & Renovation and Best Shopping Mall in Europe. Other big malls featuring food and entertainment include Mall of Istanbul, Forum, and Kanyon.

6) Other bazaars and markets

If upmarket and luxury is not your idea of fun, or for low-key spending, other bazaars besides the Grand and Spice await. This is where to find traditional Turkish cuisine in the form of street food. No matter which neighbourhood they sit in, bazaars are the community’s beating heart and will still be a timeless tradition in years to come.

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