Should You Ship Your Car on an Extended Vacation to Hawaii?

Should You Ship Your Car on an Extended Vacation to Hawaii?

Extended vacations are now becoming popular because of the pandemic. Instead of visiting for a weekend, vacationers stay longer because of quarantine and health protocols. Because of this, you might be thinking of shipping your car to Hawaii. Knowing the processes involved in car shipping can help you decide whether it is practical to ship your car to Hawaii for your extended vacation. Looking at easy auto ship reviews can give you the car shipping service you need.

Preparing to Ship Your Car to Hawaii and Back

Placing only a quarter tank of gas in your car before shipping is ideal for travel over the open sea. It is an important factor to consider in shipping cars to Hawaii. Preparing the right documents is also an important thing to do. Gathering the documents for shipping to and from Hawaii will make things smooth. Your carrier will need your photo ID, car registration, car title, and forms to ship your car to Hawaii.

After your extended vacation, shipping your car from Hawaii back to the mainland will need more documents. What are the documents for shipping your car back to the mainland? Before you leave the island, you will need the following:

  • Order confirmation and booking number
  • Turn on the alarm and turn off the unlocking mechanism
  • A set of your car keys
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Current car’s registration
  • Power of attorney and car title (if the vehicle is leased or financed)
  • You or your representative with a power of attorney must be at the drop-off before the vehicle is shipped to you

Preparing your car for transport is next as soon as the documents are ready. Before leaving the mainland or Hawaii, your car should go through a thorough inspection. Cleaning the interior and exterior of your car will prepare it for the U.S. customs inspection at the port. A professional cleaning at an auto shop can handle this work. Removing personal items from inside the car will make it easier for the customs inspectors to check it.

The auto shop can inspect the functionality of your car. Batteries, brakes, tires, and windows must all be in good condition. There should be no drafty openings or leaks. The mechanic must make sure the car will seal properly; otherwise, it will be rejected at the port.

Shipping a Car to Hawaii

Transporting a car from point A to point B on land is less complicated than shipping a car to Hawaii. Your car has to arrive at the port and then be loaded onto a ferry. Then, the boat will take your car to a port in Hawaii. There is an ocean between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii. That is why the process is more complicated.

Reputable car shipping companies can handle all the logistics. Choosing the right one can make your car’s shipping process easier and faster. Requesting a quote is the first thing to do. A shipping broker will get your shipment details. These will include your shipping date and vehicle information. The broker will provide you with a list of carriers and quotes.

The car shipping process will begin when you choose the carrier. The carrier can pick up your car from your house, the terminal, or the port. The pickup location will depend on the shipping company you choose. Providing the right documents will allow the shipping company to transport your car to the port. The length of time it takes to deliver your car to Hawaii will depend on several factors. Weather and traffic are the most common ones to consider.

Shipping a vehicle to Hawaii will take eight to 19 days. This will vary from carrier to carrier. Having an extended vacation often takes weeks to months. You can get a car shipping company to bring your car to where you will be staying. Doing this two to three weeks before you leave will be enough time. You may coordinate with your carrier to make sure your car will be there when you get there.

You Can Ship Your Car to Hawaii for Your Extended Vacation

You can ship your car to Hawaii for your extended vacation. Your stay in Hawaii can become more convenient and relaxed if you can use your own car. Preparing the documents, the fees, and your car well will make the car shipping process easier and quicker. Of course, choosing the right carrier will add in the logistics and convenience.