Shunyata Villas Bali - An Exclusive Eco-lifestyle Hideaway

Shunyata Villas Bali - An Exclusive Eco-lifestyle Hideaway
Secluded from the hectic activity of the popular tourist destinations in the southern part of the island, the multiple awarded boutique resort succeeded in creating an exclusive area of retreat. The founders and owners of the small but fine getaway chose this part of the earth for a particular reason: the extraordinary high vibrational energy.

Juergen and Maria Neurohr were working as well-established body- and psychotherapists in Germany, when they followed their inner voices to shut down their office and settle down as private hoteliers in Southeast Asia. On an outstanding cliff top at the east coast of Bali, on one side the Indian Ocean with anthracite volcanic sand, on the other side the volcanic mountain “Mount Agung”, offshore islands and a Hindu ritual site, the 65 year olds found the right place for their intention. “We never regretted to take the plunge despite of initial hurdles”, as the Neurohr's commented, who found their passion for hotels.

Shunyata Villas Bali

Up to eight guests can enjoy heavenly peace, seclusion and retreat in the eco-luxury resort, which opened in 2011. Located in the rain shadow, right in the middle of Bali´s untouched nature, the resort provides their guests with three spacious contemporary design villas featuring Balinese elements with an area of more than 200 square meters each including a separate pool, an open bathing area and a breath-taking view. Every villa is equipped with elegant interior decoration, being one-by-one selected and put into limelight by Maria Neurohr, owner of the resort. The tropical garden, comprising 5000 square meters, features an ionized infinity pool, access to the volcanic beach as well as the nearby Hindu ritual site. Fresh gourmet cuisine preferably from organic origin is served in the Fine Dine Restaurant or in the private villa. “Above all, it´s the individual care that matters most within the Shunyata Villas. The guests can reach peace of mind, simply relax, enjoy their honeymoon, work off energy while hiking, surfing, diving or discover the most authentic part of the island. We pay attention to each and every wish”, so Neurohr's, who have simultaneously been running an Ayurveda Hotel in Sri Lanka.

“Eat, pray, love” – an ideal area of retreat and personal development

Many people desire something completely different in their vacation: “Some guests carry their worries and problems with them when they are on holiday. They wish to cope with personal and professional crises, which make it hard for them to relax. Others want to develop further and come back with a strengthened self. Guests are here surrounded by the silence, the professional support and the spiritual atmosphere to be consistent with self-growth and personal development”, explains the Austrian hotel manager and Happiness Coach Asim Aliloski. The therapists, masseurs, coaches and energetics of the Shunyata Resort ensure that the guests are reloaded with new energy and visions. Bestselling author and coach Asim Aliloski offers on-site coaching, meditation and body therapy, as well as special retreat programs for personal and professional growth. Moreover, one can use the holistic wellness services like yoga, tai-chi, massages and crystal therapy for boosting wellbeing and personal growth.

Eco-traveling and sustainability in luxury class

More and more vacationers attach importance to sustainability and social responsibility. Even in this case, the Shunyata Villa is the right choice. “Sun, Beach and Sea isn´t enough for our guests. They want to travel in a unique way and furthermore be attended individually, but simultaneously do something good for mankind and nature”, says Aliloski. The resort can largely care for itself, operating by solar energy and natural gas. The natural materials for building the villas originate from sustainable forestry. The own spring is used as own source for drinking water, which is additionally ionized by a filter system and enriched with energy. The sewage is being cleaned with the help of a bio-safe system and is reused for watering the garden. The 38 meter long pool is free of chlorine and chemicals, but is of drinking water quality. Laundry, kitchen and staff use biologically decomposable detergents and the guests are provided with natural care products. The ingredients for the dishes served descent from organic cultivation and pesticide free farmers nearby. Hotel manager Asim Aliloski and the chef are currently working on new vegan and gluten-free recipes, which are also free from harmful white flour and industrial sugar.

Shunyata Villas Bali infinity pool sunset

Besides the European team, the resort is employing Balinese people from the village Seraya, whose inhabitants chime the temple music which can be heard silently in the villas. “The naturalness and the authenticity of this place can be felt strongly by the guest. You can find here original Balinese people who live together with their cows, goats, sheep and chickens”, says owner Juergen Neurohr. “We are supporting the area with donations; we are buying regional products and avoiding plastic waste as much as possible.” A Hindu ritual site is located just a few steps in front of the resort, which is used by the people of the village for ceremonies during nights of full moon. The resort has permission to use the temple for tai-chi, chi-gong, coaching and yoga.

Bali – Island of gods and thousand temples

Seekers of meaning, those who enjoy peace and nature, and honeymooners are among the guests of the resort who can enjoy themselves with wellness therapies like yoga, meditation, tai-chi, or simply use their stay for a retreat. Guests who simply want to relax and rest can do so by having a deeply relaxing massage in the open pavilion made of natural materials. Relaxation can also be enjoyed at the private pool or at the 38 meter long Infinity-Pool. Furthermore, the anthracite volcanic sand, belonging to the resort, invites you to marvel at. The adventurers among the guests and those who want to leave the silence of the resort for a moment can book a private tour with a chauffeur accompanying them for half a day or a full day. One can experience “the island of gods and thousand temples”, as Bali is called. Divers, surfers, hikers, and climbers eager to explore will appreciate and adore the east part of Bali as well.

Karangasem is rich in culture and has one of the highest concentrations of astonishing temples. The Balinese people, most of them religious Hindus, are well-known for their spiritual temple rituals, in which the gods are given food, songs and dances as sacrifices.

Bali's tropical climate guarantees warm temperatures to gaze at the natural rice fields, volcanoes, zoos, and tropical forests of this 3.5 million-inhabitant island. Luckily, the resort is located right in the middle of a rain shadow, which makes a trip worthy all year round.

Awards and prizes of Shunyata Villas Bali

The team of the Shunyata Villas Bali is proud owner of the “TripAdvisor Travelers´ Choice Award 2015” in the category “small hotels” and the “Certificate of Excellence 2015”. The jury honors the extraordinary service, the price-performance ratio and the excellent quality of the Shunyata Villas Bali. Furthermore, the Shunyata Villas Bali has proudly been awarded by the “Luxury Travel Guide 2015 – Wellness Resort of the Year”, World Luxury Hotel Finalist 2015” and the “ Award”.

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