Silversea Christens Silver Origin with Expedition-Inspired Ceremony in the Galapagos Islands

Silversea Christens Silver Origin with Expedition-Inspired Ceremony in the Galapagos Islands

Leading ultra-luxury cruise line, Silversea Cruises, christened Silver Origin on February 25, 2022, during an expedition-inspired ceremony in San Cristobal, the Galápagos Islands. Guests took to the water on Silver Origin’s Zodiacs, raising a glass of champagne as Silversea officially welcomed the ship to its fleet of 10, before Johanna Carrión, esteemed conservationist and permanent resident of the Galápagos Islands, was unveiled as the ship’s Godmother—a selection that underpins Silversea’s long-term commitment to sustainability.

A tradition of Royal Caribbean Group, a bagpipe performance initiated the intimate naming ceremony, which marked Jason Liberty’s first ship christening as the new President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group®. Liberty co-hosted the event with Roberto Martinoli, President and CEO, Silversea Cruises; Barbara Muckermann, Chief Commercial Officer, Silversea Cruises; and Fernando Delgado, Vice President, Silversea Cruises Ecuador. Escorted by Captain Karin Chacon, Johanna Carrión made her first address to Silver Origin’s guests as the ship’s Godmother, before Bishop Patricio Bonilla blessed the vessel.


Raised in the Galápagos Islands and a permanent resident of the archipelago, Johanna Carrión is the Executive Director and CEO of the Scalesia Foundation—an educational foundation, supported by Silversea Cruises, that champions the long-term conservation of the Galápagos through education. Silversea selected Carrión for the role of Silver Origin’s Godmother due to her unwavering commitment to sustainability and her passion for benefiting future generations with hands-on, conservation-focused education in the Galápagos. Her ethos perfectly aligns with that of Silversea—both strive to safeguard this treasured destination and its communities.


With the long-term aim of safeguarding the Galápagos Islands’ fragile ecosystem for future generations, Silversea Cruises launched the Silversea Fund for the Galápagos to support a diverse selection of educational projects each year. The fund strengthens the balance between humans and nature in the Galápagos, as part of a long-term sustainability strategy. In addition to benefiting regional conservation efforts and enhancing their connection with this unique destination, the fund’s donors enjoy savings on Silversea’s voyages, as the cruise line matches guests’ contributions in the form of a Future Cruise Credit.

The Scalesia Foundation also receives support from Silversea Cruises. A recent donation from the cruise line will cover 50% of the scholarships for 30 students at the Tomas de Berlanga School, which, operated by the Scalesia Foundation, offers education to inhabitants of the Galápagos Islands with a focus on sustainability principles, teaching students to appreciate and care for the environment in which they live.


Silversea’s first destination-specific ship, the 100-guest Silver Origin was built with the environment in mind to unlock immersive experiences for guests in the Galápagos Archipelago, inspiring travelers to form meaningful connections with the destination. Designed with a focus on the pillars of sustainability, destination on board, expedition experience, authentic local culture, and comfort and service, the all-suite, all-balcony Silver Origin welcomes travelers year-round in the unique archipelago. The ship provides guests with the ultimate destination experience, inspired by Silversea’s accrued expertise and founded on a deep respect for the fragility of the natural environment, while maintaining the cruise line’s trademark quality of service. Silver Origin incorporates state-of-the-art technology, including a dynamic positioning system that protects the delicate seabed and an advanced propulsion system. All suites feature a freshwater purification system that significantly reduce plastic bottle usage. Silversea also offers reef-safe sun block to guests.