Six Senses Con Dao Presents Multi-Generational Holidays

Six Senses Con Dao Presents Multi-Generational Holidays
The resort offers an assortment of multi-room villa accommodations and a multitude of activities for all ages that allow senior members of the family to enjoy their time away just as much as junior members.

Offering two-, three- and four-bedroom villas, the resort can cater to small families from four up to bigger gatherings of nine. The contemporary and spacious multi-bedroom villas feature stunning, unobstructed views of the East Vietnam Sea. The villas with en-suite facilities come with maximum privacy for all age groups and allow family members to have quiet space when needed. Every villa has generous communal areas to gather for activities such as games, entertainment, dining or just simply hanging out. The villas have private pools for the entire family to enjoy and are only a few steps away from the resort's mile-long private beach. The efficient architectural design provides natural ventilation in the living areas with the choice of air conditioning in the bedrooms.

The resort understands that with having multiple generations under the same roof, it is important to offer tailor-made experiences according to the specific needs and interests. Six Senses multi-generational holidays cater, with unique culinary experiences, active and cultural excursions plus wellness activities, to individual expectations.

Family time is also an excellent bounding time and families are encouraged to participate in fun experiences, while spending much needed quality time together. Numerous activities have been planned which focus on creating joint activities for everyone.

Six Senses Con Dao kids

Child-friendly activities include a daily program of age-appropriate themed activities with a focus on discovery, education, local culture, nature, sports, arts and crafts under the supervised care of expert counselors. One of the highlights is the flora and fauna tour hosted by the resort's own sustainability champion and the bubble-maker experience which introduces the adventurous world of scuba diving. The award-winning Six Senses Spa offers yoga and meditation classes and tailored spa massages for teens as well as kids from 7 to 11. There are cooking classes which introduce younger guests to flavorful Vietnamese cuisine, pizza and healthy smoothie making.

Adults can create their own ice cream flavor with the resort patisserie chef, indulge in spa treatments and enjoy yoga and meditation. There are cooking classes including Vietnamese cuisine, the art of barbequing, mocktail and cocktail making. There are exciting opportunities for land and sea-based adventures including diving and snorkeling excursions to local islands to explore the natural beauty and unspoiled charm of Con Dao countryside through one of the resort's cultural experiences.

The calm and clear waters surrounding Con Dao Archipelago provide an ideal setting for exciting charter boat trips to explore the great marine life. A highlight is the father and son traditional squid fishing experience to catch seafood for an evening barbeque. The resort offers hiking tours to great view points on the island, privately guided historical tours and cruising at your own pace around the island aboard one of the resort's Vespa motorbikes.

General Manager John Allanson said, “Successful family travel is all about maximizing quality time together. That means finding a balance between enjoying time with each other as well as rejuvenating and reconnecting with yourself. From the young in age to the young at heart, Six Senses is dedicated to assisting families with developing a dream vacation itinerary and ensuring everyone's holiday wishes are granted.”

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