Smart Ways to Make Luxury Travel More Affordable

Smart Ways to Make Luxury Travel More Affordable

Who doesn’t dream about heading out to the exotic faraway country along with having luxurious service and possibilities? Maldives, Japan, or Monaco are very expensive places to visit. And only 20 years ago most people could only dream of such trips. But the times have changed, and nowadays, a lot more people can explore how it feels to be surrounded by luxury and high-quality services in the furthest parts of the globe - by being a smart cookie when it comes to planning the journey.

Social media have opened the horizons for easy promotion and made tons of information available for users. So, luxurious resorts and hotels are no more secret clubs for privileged members. To increase their incomes with this method, they advertise their services for all audiences, as they buy automatic likes monthly for their Instagram posts or on other social networks.

For you as a consumer, being able to discover public profiles of famous and expensive places is a huge plus when you are going to go on the vacation of your dream. There are a few criteria for search and collecting information that you have to pay attention to if you want to save some budget.

Seasonal offers

It is commonly known that popular sea resorts are seasonal, and due to that, the prices vary - according to the comfort of the season. So, as the hot time end and bad weather hasn’t hit yet, many hotels prepare special discounts and lower their pricing to get the last drops of revenue. This is a chance for ones traveling on a smaller budget. As the modern promotion strategies are bound on social media a lot, that’s where you should look for the last deals of the season. You will be surprised how different the pricing can be depending on the time of the year, especially on seaside destinations.

Exclusive promotion

One of the popular methods to attract more customers for hotels and restaurants are flash deals and offers for their followers on social media. So, if you are interested in visiting a particular place, one of your best decisions would be to follow their profiles on social networks like:

  • Instagram,
  • YouTube,
  • Facebook and discover the best offer at once.

You can easily catch a discount by being attentive to the vanishing content like Stories on Instagram or promoted posts that appear in your feed. Another way to stay tuned with the latest deals and offers from restaurants and hotels is through push notifications. By sending a push notification, hotels and restaurants can reach their target audience easier with offers that they would be interested in. This way, customers will always stay informed about the best deals even when they are away from their computers.

Contests and lotteries

This is also a popular promotion strategy for attracting more customers and increasing brand engagement on social media. For consumers, this is an excellent opportunity to win a trip to the place of your dreams and spend the best time. Cruise companies, popular hotels, and spa resorts often organize such content, so you should totally try out your luck. The only problem would be the number of other people who have the same wish as you do. Hence such an economy requires a lot of patience and time.

Check hot tours

Another way to try your luck is to follow tourist agencies on social media to catch hot tours that may appear during the season. The main bonus of this traveling method is that you get a complete service range:

  • transfer,
  • living,
  • insurance, and so on, for a small price.

Hot tours appear suddenly and are tracked by many people because this is probably the easiest way to get out of your home to a popular destination. However, when you begin hunting hot tours online, you have to remember that there is no opportunity to adjust the dates, so you have to be completely prepared to get your guts on the plane in the next 48 hours or so. Hot tours aren’t the cheapest way of traveling, but the price includes everything, so basically, you save your time and resources for something else.

See what people say

Of course, even as we want to make luxury travel affordable, we still wish for first-class service. Hence, before beginning your hunt on discounts and hot offers, check out what people say about this place. For example, follow hashtags that are connected to the place and find out if there are any posts that can help you to orient in the pricing and service quality. That is how you can basically achieve the right balance between the cost and the comfort level you get.

Exploring the area

Sometimes, the best way to save up some money while on vacation is to avoid big corporations and well-known brands. Popular places like Rixos or Fairmont are found all over the world, and even at the furthest point, the price will be higher. But on social networks, as you begin exploring the destination you chose, you can easily find smaller local hotels, hostels, and guest houses that can pleasantly surprise you with their service and quality. Being less promoted and popular, they usually have affordable prices, and this gives you a vast economy and enjoys all the same views and services. The easiest way to find such places are:

  • Friend recommendations
  • Methodical examination of the destination facilities
  • Surfing social media looking for the most suitable visual and services.

Remember, Bali remains Bali, and it has lots of wonders that don’t depend on the place you stay at.

Follow transport companies

These guys don’t miss the opportunity to promote themselves on social media too. And on their profiles, you can catch up with the latest news and flash offers for transfer. This is an essential aspect of the economy because sometimes, reaching your dream vacation is more expensive than actually living there, e.g., in most Asian countries. So, aviation companies often drop great discounts on their flights, and if you can organize a trip quickly, this is a good option for you to save more money for other things.

Watch popular influencers of this niche

Of course, along with the methods of promotion mentioned above, touristic brands and corporations collaborate with bloggers. For you, the benefit of this collaboration would be a discount or contest organized by the blogger. As modern social media celebrities tend to choose luxurious destinations and exotic countries to spend time at, you have a high chance to follow their steps with a substantial discount for your loyalty as a follower. But beware - the more popular blogger is, the bigger would be the competition for the benefits they offer.

Find lifehacks

Along with celebrities who choose a luxurious way of spending their vacation, there is a whole industry of social media influencers who seek the most affordable and interesting travel points. Take their work for inspiration, and use hacks and tips they give for good. For example, you can:

  • discover local places to eat that aren’t overpriced because of popularity,
  • avoid useless and expensive souvenirs and activities,
  • drop off the paid excursion after watching a video about the place.

Become a blogger

And finally, the hardest method to afford yourself expensive travels. Become the one famous corporations and brands want to collaborate with! Indeed, it seems an unreal goal, but sometimes everything is worth making your dream come true. Of course, this method of getting the best offers and discounts is challenging and unpredictable, but it is sure fun and interesting, as well as a nice way to express your creativeness and wit.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to spend less money on your travels. As it is obvious from this article, most of them require patience and time for hunting. But on social media, you can also find a ton of helpful information that will help you to organize your trip and optimize your budget. Remember that the recent pandemic of covid-19 in the world has hit the tourism industry very hard, so this is a great time to check out special offers and discounts, as hotels, resorts, and other touristic facilities desperately try to catch up with the previous rhythm.