Social Distancing in Nature: Focus of Up Norway’s Curated Wellness Journeys

Social Distancing in Nature: Focus of Up Norway’s Curated Wellness Journeys

Travelers looking to disconnect from the digital world and practice social distancing in nature can do so with Up Norway's diverse Rolodex of wellness journeys. Hiking through secret trails, spending a night in a floating tent under the Nordic sky, and private swimming in the country’s longest pool are just a few of the remote activities offered by Norway’s leading travel curator. Whether for a solo trip, girls getaway, or a special occasion, Up Norway strives to cater to the special interests of all wellness-focused travelers.

A sampling of remote activities travelers can enjoy with the help of Up Norway include:

  • Norway’s most breathtaking and off-the-beaten track landmarks, such as Varanger Peninsula National Park, the Troll Wall, known as Europe’s tallest vertical rock face; HM Queen Sonja’s Panoramic Hiking Trail, and more;
  • Yoga, meditation and mindfulness coaching in Merete’s Garden, part of the Give Me Møre! Journey
  • Tustna Ladestasjon, known as the country’s “recharging center,” where guests can sleep in a floating tent, give their best go at Norwegian craftwork, and journey up undiscovered mountains, forests and fjords;
  • Private relaxation and rejuvenation in the country’s best geothermal spas;
  • and more 

Digital Detox in Seiland National Park, one of Norway's most inaccessible National Parks secluded on an island off the coast in the far north of Norway. The experience includes a boat ride to the intensely green Bekkarfjord, which has been likened to the Galway coastline though more dramatic, completely untouched and not inhabited by any people. Travelers will reconnect with nature via panoramic views of the Seilandsjøkulen Glacier, alpine mountains, the midnight sun and several fjords. Accommodations are at Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge in Alta, where travelers can experience the deep-rooted Norwegian cabin culture. The cost of the Seiland Digital Detox Journey is from $800 USD per person for a group of four, inclusive of the private full day excursion to Seiland and a one night stay at Bjørnfjell Lodge in Alta with use of spa facilities and meals.

During travel with Up Norway, guests have access to an interactive Digital Travel Guide, which provides 24-hour chat service with an Up Norway Insider to assist with all traveling needs. Additionally, booking with a travel curator such as Up Norway offers travelers many benefits, including in-depth knowledge of remote and hidden locals foreign to other travelers and the general public; access to private, exclusive experiences and activities due to a travel curator’s personal connections with local businesses; flexibility on revising trips as needed due to unforeseen circumstances; and more.

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