Solo traveler savings for A&K's upcoming Private Jet journey

Solo traveler savings for A&K's upcoming Private Jet journey
This journey is a perfect fit for travelers looking to experience the world luxuriously.

A snapshot into a journey around the world includes:

Gobi Desert - The desert lies between the Siberian wilderness to the north and the Tibetan Plateau to the south, and features Bactrian camels, mountain sheep, golden eagles and many endemic reptiles. Visit the Flaming Cliffs with a local paleontologist and learn about the extraordinary dinosaur finds (including the first dinosaur eggs) made in this area.

Solomon Islands - Attend a traditional bride-price ceremony on the Solomon Islands, exclusive to A&K guests. Witness demonstrations of many traditional island skills, including hot-stone cooking, coconut husking, sagopalm house building and natural medicines.

French Polynesia - Rangiroa, the quintessential South Pacific paradise, is the authentic Polynesia, a serene place where many still make their living from fishing or pearl farming. Drift through an atoll of clear blue water to watch schools of brilliant tropical fish and darting reef sharks swim past; visit a pearl farm to learn how these treasures are harvested and purchase a unique souvenir; or simply relax on a lovely stretch of beach. Divers can don a wetsuit and tank for a dive in Tiputa and Avatoru, two of the country's finest dive spots.

Easter Island - See the remote island's famous monoliths along “the way of the moai” and sip cocktails atop a dormant volcano. There are nearly 900 moai spread throughout the island; almost all of them face inland, in order to watch over and protect the island's living inhabitants.

Iceland - Marvel at the beauty of Iceland's national parks, with their waterfalls, geysers and geothermal pools. Fly by helicopter to the enormous, dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano, which is large enough to house the Statue of Liberty and into which you descend.

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