Spain: The Second Most Visited Country in the World

Spain: The Second Most Visited Country in the World

2020 was a pretty tough year, especially for the tourism sector because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is highly attributed to the globalized world we live in, which is the reason why the pandemic hit the entire world. However, 2021 indicates that it may be the beginning of the recovery.

The millions of travelers from across the world who yearn to discover new destinations during their vacations, to do tourism, face this year with a certain level of optimism. However, they do so with prudence, because they hold a belief that if the good news regarding vaccines and their administration comes true, they can achieve the desired herd immunity sooner than anticipated.

The same scenario applies to Spain because it is one of the countries where the tourism sector plays a critical role in the country’s economy. Every year, tens of millions of international tourists travel to this country, 83 million in 2019, making Spain the second preferred tourist destination globally. However, the question remains, what does Spain offer to be so attractive to international tourists?

Unique climate and gastronomy worldwide

Two compelling arguments that Spain fronts to attract international visitors are its benign and pleasant climate for a considerable part of the year in practically all national territory, especially the touristiest areas; and its rich gastronomy.

Furthermore, the influence of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Cantabrian, although this to a lesser extent, makes the coast's temperatures very mild virtually all through the year. Also, this includes the Canarian archipelago that boasts of constant and pleasant temperature averages in any season.

Secondly, Spain’s gastronomy is a major factor since Spanish cuisine is one of the most appreciated globally. This is because of the diversity of products and how it introduces seasonal, good quality food and components at relatively inexpensive prices.

Ideal infrastructure and citizen security

The climate is one of the strengths that Spain offers as compared to many other countries. However, the climate, in general terms, can be enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean arc, both in Europe and in North Africa.

The primary reason why more tourists prefer visiting Spain than Tunisia, Algeria or Morocco is because the degree of security and tranquillity in Spain is significantly higher, plus the powerful infrastructures: quality hotel services, good road communication, constant air traffic and presence of international airports in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and other cities, among other issues.

The available options for all tourist types

When a foreigner travels to Spain to get to the lay of the land, they can be captivated by its thousands of kilometres of coastline, by the archipelagos (the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands), which are among the most visited in the country or by large cosmopolitan cities at the European vanguard (Barcelona or Madrid).

Also, the endless number of protected natural spaces, which make the Iberian Peninsula, with the inclusion of Portugal, into a small continent to explore all kinds of scenarios, rich biodiversity, surprising microclimates, wild fauna and adventure and sports activities are just few of the many reasons to visit Spain.

Spain is one of the oldest countries in Europe. The cities are homes to centuries of history and have been the headquarters of essential events for Humanity. The two primary examples of the Muslim influence during the Middle Ages are Granada or Córdoba. From the discovery of America, Seville and later Cádiz became the gateway from this continent to Europe.

Santiago de Compostela is a city devoted to the Way and the ecclesiastical power. A good example of the Gothic architecture in the world is the Burgos Cathedral and, in Barcelona, the unfinished Sagrada Familia dazzles millions of tourists every year.

Why tourists fall in love with Spain

These and many other hosts of arguments, including some of the mentioned examples, are those that explain why Spain is a tourist paradise. However, if there is a clear depiction of this country, it is the citizens' solidarity, kindness and ability to consider those who visit their territory as part of their own.

Therefore, a lot of foreigners visiting the country decide to live in Spain long-term. The phenomenon is majorly observed in coastal tourist areas: the the Balearic Islands, the Costa del Sol and Levante. However, you will need a residence permit to achieve this. You can obtain it by following this guide: Access here a complete guide on how to get your residency in Spain.