Speak 78 Languages with New Speech Technology for Business

Speak 78 Languages with New Speech Technology for Business
Translate Your World, developers of linguistic and mobile marketing technologies, announced today the release of its TYWI-Live (“tie-wee”), an online voice translation software for serious business use that turns conferences, business meetings, and webinars into a multi-language experience.

As people speak, their words are automatically translated into 78 languages at the same time. Attendees can choose to read the speech translation as subtitles or hear a translated synthesized voice, similar to Apple's Siri. In addition to automated voice translation, TYWI-Live also enables online human simultaneous interpretation via the Web by interpreters located anywhere in the world.

TYWI-Live speech translation is compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone and can be used in conjunction with most major presentation software including WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, Adobe Acrobat, Blackboard, and others.

With TYWI-Live speech translation:

• Conferences stream live in dozens of languages
• Teachers are able to teach around the world
• Business meetings and webinars can be across-language
• Trade show pitches display in several languages
• Manufacturers present their products worldwide
• Corporations train global employees
• Hotels and airports can speak to travelers in their language
• Captioning for the deaf is automatic
• Announcers and sportscasters stream translated voice and subtitles
• Reporters have a new tool for global interviews

The women at the helm of Translate Your World, CEO Andrea Busse, an industry expert in mobile technology development, and president Sue Reager, who speaks 10 languages and develops linguistic software, created the software suite to encourage companies and entrepreneurs to expand their business globally. Says Sue Reager, “In the past the expression ‘global event' has been used to mean ‘English only inviting other countries' or French only, or German only. That approach included only 8% of the world's population. With TYWI-Live, 78% of the world's population can be reached, thus another potential 2.5 billion potential customers, listeners, attendees, and participants.”
For more information and to sign up for a demonstration in 78 languages, go to TranslateYourWorld.com - email to contact@translateyourworld.com - Youtube: https://youtu.be/2SJQu_D1GjI