Spend the Night in an Amazon Rainforest Eco Lodge

Spend the Night in an Amazon Rainforest Eco Lodge

The Amazon forest is the largest rainforest in the world. It contains 30% of all tropical forest on earth and covers a large part of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil. This is why the Amazon rainforest is often referred to as the ‘green lungs’ of the earth. Furthermore, the rainforest has an enormous wealth of plants and animal species, making it one of the most diverse natural habitats. Travelers who love nature can experience the Amazon rainforest while staying in one of the eco lodges.

Remote Areas in the Rainforest

Yasuni National Park

The Yasuni National Park is one of the regions on our earth with the highest bio-diversity. More than 4,000 plant species can be found here, as well as 170 species of mammals and 610 species of birds. The Yasuni National Park is also home to the Waorani people, a semi-nomadic group of hunters. The only one lodge in the Yasuni National Park is the Napo Wildlife Center: https://amazoncruise.net/amazon-napo-wildlife-center/.

Pacaya Samiria Reserve

The Pacaya Samiria Reserve houses some of the most impressive landscapes and animals in the Amazon, but a visit without a guide is not advisable. However, you can spend the night in a remote accommodation in the jungle and safely explore the reserve with a guide.

Manu National Park

The Manu National Park Nature Reserve is located in eastern Peru on the border with Bolivia. It is mainly visited for the rugged wilderness, the Inca ruins and the enormous biodiversity that can be discovered there. Most tours go through the water and the park can only be explored with a licensed guide.


Manaus is also called "the heart of the Amazon" and is the most densely populated city in this region. Because Manaus is so far away from other Brazilian cities, the city can only be reached by boat on plane. This isolation from the rest of the country does have an advantage, because both the nature and culture of Manaus have remained largely untouched and unaffected.

Rustic features and challenges

An eco lodge is different from a green hotel by the setting it is located in. Eco lodges can be found in more remote and pristine natural environments, such as the Amazon rainforest. The emphasize of an eco lodge lies in the environmental responsibility and minimizing of the negative impact. The eco lodges often feature renewable energy sources, recycling services, eco-friendly toiletries and water conservation methods. https://amazoncruise.net/amazon-loges/

Examples of lodges

While eco lodges aren’t cheap and comfort is often replaced by experiencing unique cultural immersion and the proximity to the amazing natural wonders of the Amazon basin, these eco lodges offer an unique experience.

Kapawi Amazon Lodge, Ecuador

This is one of the world’s most remote and ecologically responsible Amazon rainforest eco lodge. The cabins have a private bath with solar heated water and spacious bedrooms with mosquito nets. You can see the wildlife from your hammock or deck chair. Find out more about other lodges in Ecuador at this link: https://amazoncruise.net/amazon-lodges-in-ecuador/.

Tree House Lodge, Peru

These tree houses come with comforts you would not expect so high in the trees of the jungle. The cool shower is a great way to refresh yourself after a long day in the heat. Guests are offert quality meals in a room away from insects. Still, this lodge offers a good option to see some wildlife.

Luxury experiences

Nowadays, luxury is best described about being able to experience something unique and elusive, rather than having lots of services. Spending your holiday in one of the rainforest eco lodges is one of these luxury experiences, despite having less comfort than urban regions.