SPOTLIGHT: Luxury and Legacy with Artefacto’s Paulo Bacchi

SPOTLIGHT: Luxury and Legacy with Artefacto’s Paulo Bacchi

With decades at the helm of Artefacto, the Brazilian-born luxury home furnishings company, Paulo Bacchi has steered the internationally acclaimed brand to stunning levels of growth. Not long after joining his father’s company, Paulo expertly tripled business during the ‘90s, assumed the role of CEO, and expanded to the United States in 2002, where the magnate developed celebrated success in Florida. Showcasing custom, timeless designs, Artefacto has become the go-to brand for the region’s most iconic architectural towers and private homes. The latest collection, Alcheme by Patricia Anastassiadis, delivers contemporary furniture rooted in legacy with evolving elements designed to transform and transmute over time. Call it generational luxury. As the brand moves into the third generation with Bacchi’s sons Pietro and Bruno now holding senior positions in the company, innovation and longevity endure as driving force for Artefacto. We caught up with Paulo to talk about how family, life and travel continue to inspire his vision.

You are originally from Brazil and currently live in Miami, where your company Artefacto recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary. What makes South Florida a magnetic place to live and do business?

South Florida is the hottest market in the world. The diversity of cultures and business mixed with year-round sunshine and turquoise waters produce a highly desirable lifestyle. People from all over the world want to be here and enjoy their homes right away, and what Artefacto delivers is immediate gratification and bespoke turn-key living. We are the only company that can furnish an entire home within a week. Artefacto makes the Miami dream come true.

You spend a lot of time traveling. How have your travels inspired the design aesthetic for Artefacto over the years?

My family originated in Modena, Italy and moved to Brazil in 1920. My father Albino built Artefacto as a company that honors family heritage and global design influences. Our aesthetic integrates the classic lines of the Italian, the chicness of the French, the simplicity of the Japanese and the warm tropics of Brazil.

What is your favorite place to visit and why?

São Paulo because it’s where my roots are. Brazilian culture is about warmth, family and home. I infuse my family’s Brazilian and Italian DNA into everything we do.

What is your top travel tip?

Don’t drink on the airplane. It’s a killer the next day.

Tell us about your latest collection, Alcheme.

Alcheme is the newest collection by Patricia Anastassiadis for Artefacto. Patricia is a long-time collaborator with us and has been named Designer of the Year by Casa Vogue. She designed eight new pieces as a contemporary look at traditional Brazilian aesthetics, meticulously handmade by Artefacto. Each piece is a work of art.

You recently opened a flagship location in Coral Gables. Tell us about it.

Our new flagship has been open for about two years and is a few blocks from our original location, which was where Artefacto began its US journey over 20 years ago. We worked with the extraordinary talents of DOMO Architecture and Patricia Anastassiadis to create an enhanced retail destination experience, anchored by a modernist exterior that captures eyes and imaginations from both north and south traffic along Miami’s main highway, US-1. Our Artefacto showrooms in Aventura and Doral offer immersive brand experiences, but our flagship cannot be replicated in any other location in the world.

Artefacto furniture

Artefacto has become synonymous with turnkey luxury residences and home staging. Why is this so significant in today’s market?

What we do is very different from traditional home staging. We don’t just stage for show. We create custom environments for the end user, as well as for real estate professionals who work with buyers accustomed to style, speed, and excellence. A turnkey home by Artefacto is like a top-tier amenity. Properties that have been on the market for some time usually sell within 30 days once we work our magic.

What does the future of furniture look like?

Regardless of the style, furniture must be made with the highest quality materials that are earth friendly. Look for durability and comfort. Your home becomes a primary source of peace and enjoyment, so the furniture is an investment that must rise to the occasion.