St DOM, The first design concept store in Cartagena, Colombia

St DOM, The first design concept store in Cartagena, Colombia
With its high, arched doorways, exposed stone walls, Colombian artisan tile, and a tropical greenhouse centerpiece, St DOM is a unique design concept store that aims to bring the best of the Colombian and Latin design to the discerning eye of a worldy traveler. Since its opening in May 2014, St DOM has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Latin American Vogue, and many others.

ST DOM is created as one-of-a-kind art and design space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of the most exciting tropically inspired fashions, eclectic leather goods, jewelry and accessories, beautiful artisan home decor, and modern Latin literature and art, all made by the still undiscovered young Colombian talent. The goal of this carefully curated store is to continually refresh its portfolio with the most current works of the emerging as well as the renown talent from Colombia and its Latin neighbors, thus acting as the window of the Latin art and design for the local and international audience.

Current designer list:

Kika Vargas, Leal Daccarett, Amelia Toro, Johanna Ortiz, Manuela Alvarez, Andrea Landa, POLITE, Renata Lozano, Mulierr, Faride Ramos, Daniela Battle, El Origen del Mundo, Sort, Suki Cohen, Dario Cardenas, ZETA, A La Mar, Pink Filosofy, Love Citizens, MCMA, Riot Radio, Tangram, AZULU, JUAN, Mon & Velarde, Pardo, Orozco, Tebanos, Lobo Rosa, Tarch, Claque, Kaanas, Tebanos, House of D.O.N., Ballen Pellettiere, Camila Toro, Brun Pelle, Antilope, Michu, Lina Osorio, And then the Gods, Sebastian Jaramillo, Claudia Trejos, Ines Sainz, Little Lucia, Around, Breathe, WISH, Flor Amazona, Aysha Bilgrami, Magma Dasha, Pajaro Limon, Primavera, La Libertad, Lutetia, Mercedes Salazar, Hiena, Caffe, Malai, Aleja Radi, Entreaguas, Verde Limon, Seven Cyan, Palmacea, Papua, Retromarine, Jorge Lisarazo, Artesanias de Colombia, Design Amour, 3 Nombres, 5am, MYTO, Hernan Zajar Casa, Tala Restrepo, 5am, Diamantina y la Perla, La Intangible, Loto del Sur, Villegas Editores, Silueta, La Diligencia, Festina Lente, Im Editores, Rey Naranjo, El Museo, Cajavelera, Monica Ramirez, Felipe Bedoya, Arcalart, Alejandro Giraldo.

ST DOM: Calle Santo Domingo #33-70 Centro-Cartagena
Website (still under construction): WWW.STDOM.CO