Stratajet, World's first real-time private jet booking platform launches

Stratajet, World's first real-time private jet booking platform launches
The Stratajet platform, after launching across 44 countries in Europe earlier this year, has now expanded its service to also enable travelers to book private jet flights to and from every U.S. airfield and international flights.

The first app and website that allows people to search for, compare and book private jets flights in real-time, Stratajet is an industry revelation compared with other ‘online' providers of charter services, who demand membership fees or offer shared aircraft, which defeat the purpose of private jet travel. In comparison, Stratajet is unique in offering a service with no upfront fees and no route limitations.

What's more, the customer is given total control of all aspects of the booking. It takes two minutes to book an aircraft and, once done, the company offers an unprecedented level of customer service to tailor each flight to meet any specific demands, or provide any desired add-ons as part of your journey, such as choosing a preferred fixed based operator (FBO).

Strataget app

Supported by highly sophisticated technology, which took five years to build, Stratajet is revolutionary in its ability to bring private jet travel into the modern era. Performing upwards of 2.5 million calculations when providing accurate costs of private jets, which are instantly bookable, rather than waiting for quotes from brokers, it is making private jet travel available to a wider audience through reduced costs.

Stratajet also has solved the industry's long-standing problem that 40% of private jet flights currently fly with no passengers. Including empty legs in searches and adapting them to suit the customer reduces the cost of flights by up to 75%, whilst still giving the passengers total control over their journey.

The vision of Founder & CEO Jonny Nicol, a former British Armed Forces officer and pilot, turned entrepreneur and computer scientist, Stratajet is making private jets a more accessible form of transport by driving down costs.

Nicol said, “Stratajet represents a very exciting time for the whole private jet industry. Gone are the days of having to wait for a broker to return quotes over the phone. Using technology to redefine the booking process, we're able to give more people access to private aviation. Americans are some of the keenest in the world to accept technical change and we know the model works from our success in Europe, where a third of our customers are first-time fliers. So we are very optimistic about what the future holds for the industry. Stratajet is opening up private jet travel and the launch of the platform in the U.S. is another huge step in the direction of making it more accessible to the mainstream traveler.”

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