SUAVS - The Comfiest Shoes for Traveling

SUAVS - The Comfiest Shoes for Traveling
Curated from materials carefully handpicked to make sure they're the softest and safest for your feet, these lightweight sneakers are both functional and fashionable:

No More Sweaty Feet: Breathable air mesh upper and insole crafted from microfiber terry for mositure absorption
Lace-less: Easy slip on/off feature makes airport security a breeze
Maximum Flexibility: Flexible rubber sole that bends with your foot's every move can also bend heel to toe, ideal for fitting in your already over-stuffed carry on
Unisex Design: Leather strap to keep the sneaker in place, while creating a chic and modern look made to be worn sockless

SUAVS Shoes are the epitome of modern, stylish comfort. The unisex slip-on is made of the most comfortable fabrics and come with microfiber terry insocks, which provides elasticity, air venting and moisture wicking. Additionally, the ultra light rubber sole allows for maximum flexibility. Designed for women and men on the go, the everyday shoe is specifically designed to prevent blistering even when going sockless.

Retailing between $79-$83, the entire collection (W5-M14) is available on
(More colors available than shown)