Surf Air Launches All-You-Can-Fly Private Monthly Membership

Surf Air Launches All-You-Can-Fly Private Monthly Membership
The total market size for domestic air travel will double by the year 2020, with a considerable segment of frequent flyers who take several trips per month. Sensing the opportunity to introduce a disruptive concept to aviation to capture some of this growth, Wade and David Eyerly created a plan for a new type of private aircraft service. SurfAir is designed to provide the travelers going the distance of a two to five hour drive with a fast and convenient flight travel option.

Wade Eyerly previously worked in the intelligence business, including working with the National Security Agency, as an intelligence officer with the Department of Defense, and as an Advance Representative for former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney. Each of these positions required extensive travel and the inconveniences of commercial airports. During this same time, David Eyerly was completing flight school to become a commercial pilot. David went on to manage Frontier Airlines' Dallas-Fort Worth operations, but the two brothers continued their discussions about revolutionizing the private aviation industry.

"There exists a real need in aviation for a new way to conduct business travel," said Wade Eyerly, CEO and Founder of Surf Air. “Commercial flights simply don't provide the level of convenience that busy business members require. And first and business class is barely a step above coach, but at several times the price. SurfAir gives frequent travelers a better option, without long lines and cramped quarters and the ability to work and relax instead of sitting in a car.”

SurfAir is launching its flying operations in the summer of 2012 with planned service between Palo Alto, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. More cities including Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe will be included in the future. The company's fleet will be exclusively comprised of the Pilatus PC-12NG, a Swiss-made executive interior aircraft that offers passengers a smooth journey with leather seats and ample legroom.

SurfAir has attracted the interest of hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners who are drawn to the membership flying model and unlimited guest passes which are ideal for clients or family members. Different membership levels allow members to book up to six flights at a time into a flight queue. As they complete a flight, they can then schedule additional journeys. Members can access their custom flight schedule on their mobile device through Surf Air's own flight scheduling application. On-site personal concierges are available to assist members with various tasks as needed, providing an additional layer of personal service. Memberships are available starting at $1,000 per month.

Business travelers can enjoy several benefits by choosing SurfAir, including the ability to network with other members who might accompany them on the eight-passenger flights. Members only need to arrive at the regional airport minutes before flight departure, which can save them hours of valuable time by avoiding long security lines and TSA pat-downs. Flights can be canceled without incurring fees, a practice that encourages members to act as a community and to cancel in advance in order to free up a seat for another member.

“The flexibility of our membership allows our travelers to book up to six flights at a time into their personalized queue,” said Wade Eyerly. “They can plan out a variety of trips in advance, and still pay only the reasonable monthly fee. With our guest passes, our members can take clients to play golf at Pebble Beach, and the next day go to Santa Barbara with their spouse for dinner. It's enabling a whole new mobile lifestyle without the inconveniences of commercial travel or the exorbitant costs of typical private air service.”

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