Surprise Your Loved Ones with Unique Irish Gifts for St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Surprise Your Loved Ones with Unique Irish Gifts for St. Patrick’s Day 2023

A gift guide that will help you surprise your loved ones this year for Ireland’s favorite holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we are here to help you find the best Irish gifts for everyone you love, whether you are Irish or just want to cherish this Irish celebration with your family and friends.

This article is a gift guide containing traditional Irish gifts that will surprise anyone and make this year’s St. Patrick’s Day unforgettable. When putting the list together, we thought about everyone you love: family, friends and your significant other. They are inspired from Shamrock Gift selection of St. Patrick’s Day Gifts and you can find all the suggested items on their website.

As always, family comes first. If you are looking for a generic gift that works for everyone, you should choose an Aran knit throw. No matter who you give this present to, they will love a cozy interior accessory that shows off their Irish heritage. For this gift to be more thoughtful, try to match it with your family’s interior decor and we guarantee they would love it.

Irish shamrock design tea set


If you are visiting relatives and searching for a specific gift that will impress them, it might be a good idea to look into kitchen sets with Irish blessings and designs. The Irish inscriptions and Celtic details will show love through carefully chosen words that have a deep and also cultural meaning. These sets come with mugs, kitchen towels, utensils and many other practical accessories that are also meaningful. This gift will be treasured for many years enriching your parents’ house decor and adding that Irish touch to daily use items.

When it comes to siblings, we know picking gifts becomes harder, as they are the people you probably know the most. The best Irish gift you can pick out for your siblings, whether you have a brother or sister is an Irish sweater. Fishermen sweaters are a symbol of Ireland which makes them the perfect gift for Ireland’s signature holiday. And on top of that, the high quality materials used for these sweaters are sustainable and long lasting, meaning they will enjoy this gift for many years. Pick a color you know they love and if you want to add more thought into this gift, get some matching St. Patrick’s Day sweaters that you can all wear together.

Irish hat


Moving on from your family to your friends, your gifts can now take a more funny approach. Our suggestion is to go for a leprechaun hat or even a full leprechaun outfit. You can use this gift as a fun idea for your next themed party, or for a St. Patrick’s night out. This gift will not only put a smile on your friends’ faces, but also give your whole group of friends a reason to be silly and have some fun bonding times. We think the group pictures will turn out fantastic thanks to this gift idea, and you can coordinate your outfits and make one friend the pot of gold, they will surely have fun.

tweed vest and cap

If you want to surprise your significant other with a traditional Irish gift at St. Patrick’s, we got you. We all know that men need a little push when it comes to their fashion style and especially more elegant fits. This holiday gives you the chance to encourage your man to step up his fashion game. We think that you can’t go wrong with an Irish flat cap and a traditional vest. He can add these items to any smart casual outfits and improve them while adding the cultural touch as well.

Ireland rugby shirts


However, if your boyfriend is a fan of more sporty outfits, you can go for a Rugby shirt. Make this present more thoughtful and get the rugby shirt for his favorite team, this way he will appreciate this gift every time his team is playing, and you already know how much he will love it.

We left the hardest one for last. When it comes to your girlfriend, you have to choose according to everything you know about her. Our suggestions vary depending on different preferences your girlfriend might have. We want you to get this right so we thought about everything.

Irish candles

If your girlfriend works hard and you want her to have a relaxing evening, you should get her an at-home spa set. There are many natural soy wax candles made in Ireland with high quality ingredients and sophisticated fragrances. This gift will show the appreciation you have for her and the thoughtfulness of wanting her to enjoy some relaxing time. Throw in an Aran knit headband and some cozy socks and you’re sure to make her happy.

For a more stylish present, go for a Mucros Weavers handbag. These bags are crafted in Ireland, they are stylish, practical and will surely make any woman happy. Check her wardrobe and see which bag works best in order to add that extra thoughtfulness to this present.

shamrock pendant


If you have no idea what she would like and you want to make sure she will be impressed, jewelry is your answer. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful pair of Celtic-inspired earrings or a necklace. The only thing you should pay attention to is if she prefers gold or silver accessories. There are many Irish inspired jewelry and the details on them are stunning. To add the best meaning to this present go for something with the Claddagh Ring symbol as it will show your loyalty, love and friendship.

Aran throw


We hope that this article gave you an idea of what you should look for in order to make everyone happy for the most Irish holiday of the year. If you decide to follow our suggestions, we guarantee that this year’s St. Patrick’s Day gifts will be remembered over the years. Make sure to add some golden chocolate coins to each gift to make them more sweet and on theme.

Article by Timea Fekete