Sustainable Cocktails with ecoSPIRITS at Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh

Sustainable Cocktails with ecoSPIRITS at Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh

Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh has become the first hotel in Cambodia to partner with ecoSPIRITS, a company that pioneers the world’s first low-carbon method of packaging and distribution for high-end spirits.

ecoSPIRITS is a closed-loop distribution system which uses a low-waste, low-carbon spirits distribution technology, thereby minimising packaging waste and transport cost, to reduce carbon footprint emissions in the spirits supply chain. By partnering with ecoSPIRITS, Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh aims to reduce 40 percent of its transport and packaging carbon emissions, including single-use glass wastage.

ecoSPIRITS transfers premium spirits from bulk containers into ecoTOTEs, a reusable vessel that carries 4.5 liters of spirit, which bartenders then use to sustainably refill their bottles. Once empty ecoTOTEs are returned, sanitised, fitted with tamper-proof seals and then re-distributed. ecoTOTEs can be stacked in place and are shock-resistant, reducing wastage through breakages. The company was founded in Singapore in 2018 and currently operates in a number of international markets including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, the Maldives, the United Kingdom as well as Cambodia.

The latest partnership with ecoSPIRITS is just one of several green food initiatives that Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh has rolled out since it opened its doors to guests in January 2021. Some of the hotel’s other green food practices include partnerships with Eggscellent, a cage-free chicken farm in Siem Reap, Ocean Gems, a sustainable seafood company, Beyond Meat, a plant-based, vegan meat company, as well as Moo Moo Farms, a domestic dairy farm.

In addition, the hotel has a longstanding partnership with a local NGO, Eco-Soap Bank, to collect used soap from the property’s 247 guestrooms for redistribution to populations in need. After the soap is sanitized and upcycled by a team of women in Cambodia, the clean new bars are sent to vulnerable communities around Southeast Asia and Africa.

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