Swiick: The Perfect Towel Lounger

Swiick: The Perfect Towel Lounger

Summer is just around the corner and what a great time to plan a holiday of sun, sea and surf. However, don't let bulky beach essentials take away the excitement of planning a beach trip.

Swiick designed a multi-purpose beach accessory integrating both a lounger and a towel. No more sand in your shoes, bulky beach chairs or finding a towel to dry yourself with. After all, Swiick is all about functionality, R & R and convenience. Easy to carry, easy to set-up and easy to use. It is a 2-in-1 beach essential you have been looking for!

Made of 100% cotton, Swiick comes with a set of lightweight, eco-friendly Nanmu wood stakes. It converts the towel into a backrest for lower back support so it can be used as a beach chair or sun lounger.

Weighing just around 2.2 lbs., Swiick also features a built-in carrying strap with clips. Just roll the wood stakes with the towel and carry on your shoulder. Goodbye to the days where you have to carry heavy and bulky beach chairs along with other beach essentials.

Fabric care is likewise easy with a cold machine wash or simply hang it out to dry. Swiick also comes with a nylon mesh pouch for easy storage or hassle-free packing. Truly a practical innovation for you to relax and enjoy a wonderful beach day.

Retailing at USD$ 69, you can choose between Maliblue (blue) and Las Flores (pink) colors. Swiick also offers free shipping within the United States and is exclusively available online at www.swiick.co.

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