Swissôtel Celebrates Vitality Week March 21-26

Swissôtel Celebrates Vitality Week March 21-26
As days become longer and brighter, Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts shares a natural inclination with its guests to freshen up, fire up and get ready for sunny days ahead.

Swissôtel properties around the world will celebrate the brand's very own Vitality Day on March 21, 2017, kicking off an inspiring week of activities and services designed for "Body and Soul Spring Cleaning." The Vitality Program, available across Swissôtel's global portfolio and in effect year-round, reflects the brand's ethos: to be inspired, energetic, happy and passionate. The 2017 call to action of 'peace of mind' means that each Swissôtel property shall aspire to be a contemporary haven, furthering the mental and physical vitality of its guests.

"Peace, as someone once said, does not mean to be in a place where there is no uncertainty, noise or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart and mind," said Lilian Roten, vice president, Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts. "Through our Vitality Week events we hope to give each of our guests the opportunity for peace of mind, a chance to shake off their worries and be at ease so they may happily embrace the new experiences of their journey."

Highlights of the Vitality celebration include:

Digital Detox - Guests are invited to take a moment to unplug and recharge. Digital Detox bookmarks will provide five tips for personal well-being and restoring balance in the digital age. Digital Detox tips will be provided to guests in-room or upon arrival and shared on social media throughout Vitality Week.

5-A-Day - Eating fresh fruits and vegetables has an immediate impact on raising the vitality of travellers and the well-known "5-a-Day" campaign aims to improve public health globally. Throughout Vitality Week, a "daily 5" assortment of fruits and veggies will be abundant and available, so guests can grab their vitality and go!

Sand Mandalas - The process of designing and ornamenting the beautiful circular orbs of a mandala reduces attachment to self, creates a spatial experience and enhances the ability for deep concentration. Just watching the creation of a sand mandala has been proven to provide a calming effect on the brain. Sand mandala specialists will create daily works of art in the lobby, while mandala drawings will be available for guests to colour-in and peace out.

Worry Eaters -It's important to remember that children have worries of their own and need help achieving peace of mind too. Worry Eaters are cute, plush monsters made of soft velour that gobble up kids' dark, gloomy or depressing thoughts with a quick zip. Children can draw or write-down their anxieties and feed them into the Worry Eater's zip-up mouth, because Swissôtel believes every child ought to have the chance to feel carefree.

Around the globe, Swissôtel locations will also celebrate Vitality Week in a variety of authentic and destination specific ways. In North America, Swissôtel Chicago will invite foster kids from SOS Children's Villages Illinois, a local charity the hotel supports, for a fun evening including an interactive Vitality Bootcamp class ending with a Vitality "Kid Friendly" meal prepared by Executive Chef, Dan McGee and his culinary team.