Taking a Tour to Chernobyl in 2021

Taking a Tour to Chernobyl in 2021

Chernobyl is a partially abandoned town in central Ukraine. It is internationally known for the huge nuclear accident that happened in 1986. Still, there are some beliefs that this area is dangerous for visitors because of the huge accumulation of radiation. Many people from around the globe equate Chernobyl with the post-apocalyptic area forbidden to enter. This outdated information does not have to scare visitors as taking a Chernobyl tour now is safer than ever before. 

Is It Safe To Visit Chernobyl?

The level of radiation is not extremely high; therefore if you spend a day walking along the empty buildings from the Ukrainian past, you will get a natural dose of radiation. The Chernobyl exclusion zone will give even a smaller portion of radiation than getting an X-ray screening at the hospital. 

How To Get To Chernobyl?

Taking a tour to Chernobyl is incredibly easy nowadays for people around the globe. You just have to contact our team for booking the desired tour and come to Kyiv. It is also necessary to check the visa requirements as they may differ for citizens of different countries. Do not forget to take the most important documents with you as there are special checkpoints at the entrance to the exclusion zone.

What Tours Are Available?

Deciding to get acquainted with the glimpse of the Ukrainian tragic past, you are offered a wide selection of tours to choose from. You may order from a one to six days tour depending on your free time and desire or take advantage of an exclusive option with the private guide and individual program. The main differences between all inclusive tours are the period of staying in Chernobyl and the richness of excursion content.

Our company provides every client with a number of payment options including various currencies. Besides, we do not require 100% prepayment and guarantee 100% money-back in case of booking cancellation not later than 48 hours before the beginning of the tour.

Key Takeaways

Chernobyl is a unique place that leaves no one indifferent. The atmosphere of a terrible quiet and the frightening remains of people's peaceful lives make you feel chill down your spine. The unforgettable experience is the first reason to book a tour to this mysterious spot.