Temporary Resident Visa for Mexico Explained

Temporary Resident Visa for Mexico Explained

If you plan to visit or relocate to Mexico, a temporary resident visa must be your first thought. Regrettably, the pandemic has exacerbated the confusion associated with visa stuff, especially in Mexico, where immigration policies keep updating.

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For that reason, this article provides a detailed overview of the processes, considerations, and requirements of the entire temporary resident visa application.

What's In a Mexican Temporary Resident Visa?

Once you acquire the temporary resident visa, you must present it to the Mexican National Migration Institute (INM) within the first thirty days to turn it into a temporary resident card. You can remain in Mexico for six months with a possible renewal of up to 4 years with the card. It's worth noting that the temporary resident visa does not guarantee a work permit unless you already have one from the INM.

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Requirements For a Mexico Temporary Resident Visa

Visa application for Mexican temporary residence mainly relies on the supporting documents that you provide.

  1. First, you have to possess a passport with a minimum of six-month validity left.
  2. Then, download the visa application form and fill and sign in all the necessary spaces. Underage applicants must come with parents or guardians who must identify themselves and sign the application form.
  3. You should also present recent passport-size photos and any additional document requested by the Mexican embassy.

Financial Criteria for Temporary resident Visa in Mexico

Most importantly, you must meet the following key criteria to acquire a Mexican temporary resident visa. The criteria's primary purpose is to prove that you have a steady income or sufficient funds to sustain yourself during the stay.

Economic Solvency Basis

Applying for the visa based on economic solvency requires you to provide legitimate financial statements indicating a monthly balance of about MXN 650,880 for the last twelve months from the application date. Be sure to support the statements with an official letter from the bank, possibly written in Spanish, stating the Mexican Pesos (MXN) balance and including accessible contacts.

If the bank statement is not your thing, you can instead prove that you've had a steady income for the last six months ranging around MXN 42,280. In this case, you need stamped bank statement and pay-slips matching the indicated amount.

Family Unity

This criterion requires you to prove your kinship to a temporary resident or citizen by presenting their card or citizen's ID. They should also accompany you to the embassy on the appointment day. In the same way, the resident or citizen can request the visa on your behalf at the NIM.

If the resident is your spouse, you should present a common-law or legal marriage certificate. Similarly, only the birth certificate is accepted for a child-parent relationship. In addition, you must prove economic solvency to cover for all the involved parties by presenting investment statements from a certified financial institution with an average monthly balance of around MXN 14,920.00 for the last 12 months.

Scientific Research on Mexican Waters

When applying for a temporary resident visa to research the aqua life and waters, you must present INM with a copy of the official diplomatic letter from your country's diplomatic representative confirming that the Mexican Foreign Affairs secretary acknowledges the study. This letter should indicate your full name and nationality, the institution you represent, your planned activities, and your research duration.

Invitation From a Private or Public Organization

If the basis for your temporary resident visa application is due to an organizational invitation, you must present an original copy of the invitation letter for non-lucrative activities. In addition, the letter should indicate the following information.

  1. Your full name and nationality
  2. The organization's name, contacts, and registration number
  3. Details about the planned activities or projects
  4. Expected completion date
  5. Organization's proof of economic solvency and responsibilities in your travel and stay expenses

Real Estate Ownership in Mexico

If you need the temporary resident visa because you own real estate in Mexico, you must provide original or copies of the property's public deed. Besides, the real estate's value must exceed MXN 5,738,000, which is the minimum daily wage in Mexico City for approximately 40,000.

Applying As an Investor

In this case, you must present a policy or deed from a Mexican organization signed by a Notary Public showing that you have a share in the county's stock amounting to at least MXN 2,983,010.00.

You can also prove ownership of personal property in the country within the same value. Alternatively, you can produce documents to show business activities in Mexico certified by the Mexican Social Security and proving that you employ at least five workers.

Temporary Resident Visa Application Process

  1. Choose a date and make an appointment with your convenient Mexican embassy.
  2. Appear before the Mexican embassy on the agreed date with all the requirements necessary.

The most important activities on the appointment day include biometric data collection, visa fee payment, and consular interview.

Note that consular fees and payment methods are updated regularly depending on the country you submit from. Besides, you must pay the visa fees upfront and wait for a few weeks for the processing.

Important Considerations When Applying for A Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico

  1. It's advisable to apply a month ahead of your planned travel to avoid delays caused by high demands.
  2. Wait until the embassy decides on your visa before making any significant travel arrangements.
  3. If you plan to carry household items with you, you must apply for tax exemption for household goods.
  4. Presenting all the necessary documents does not guarantee your visa approval.
  5. Note that the process may involve Spanish language and foreign currency estimates.
  6. There are high chances of acquiring a permanent resident visa after hitting your temporary resident visa renewal limit.

Take enough time and set an appointment date for a Mexican temporary resident visa application. Also, ensure you meet the requirements outlined here to pass the consular interview and quicken the visa processing.