Tempur-Pedic Gifts for the Traveler

Tempur-Pedic Gifts for the Traveler
TravelSet ($379) - After sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, it can be hard to leave such comfort at home. The TravelSet by Tempur-Pedic includes a Mattress Overlay (perfect for camping), the travel-sized NeckPillow and a pull-behind, weatherproof bag for easy transport.

TravelPillow ($79) - The wrap-around shape of the TravelPillow cradles the neck and supports the head for sound sleep and a refreshed arrival. TEMPUR material relieves pressure, allowing the neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax.

ComfortPillow ($79) - For plush comfort you want and the conforming support you need, the TEMPUR material micro cushions in this travel-sized ComfortPillow support your body whether trying to sleep on a red-eye, needing extra cushion for your lumbar while sitting up or requiring a better pillow than the hotel offering.

NeckPillow ($79) - For sleepers who need a more controlled sleep posture, the travel-sized NeckPillow offers ergonomically contoured support developed by doctors to promote proper alignment and support. This pillow helps prevent snoring and other sinus problems that can disturb sleep – and other travelers!

All-Purpose Pillow ($49) - Made out of TEMPUR material, our All-Purpose Pillow's unique "peanut shape" offers firm and versatile use as a neck roll, lumbar cushion or leg spacer.

SleepMask ($29) - Are you a sleeper in new places or on the plane or know of one? The TEMPUR material in our sleep mask allows it to contour to the face, delivering total darkness and a comfortable, cool fit. An elasticized strap with Velcro closure is snug and stays in place.

Slippers ($49-99) - With eight boot, moc and scuff styles for both men and women, a soft TEMPUR insole offers comfort and a durable indoor/outdoor sole allows these slippers to be born in any situation, almost anywhere.

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