Tesalate - An innovative, sand-repellent beach towel

Tesalate - An innovative, sand-repellent beach towel

Tesalate is an Australian company selling an innovative, sand-repellent beach towel. Aside from sand not sticking to the towel, it's also perfect for yoga, picnics, and any outdoor activity. It's compact and light, so it's perfect for travelers and a great gift for special occasions.

These vibrant beach towels are made from a cutting-edge fabric technology. In addition to the sand-repellent feature, the towels are made with AbsorbLite™ fabric which dries rapidly compared with regular towels, yet they can absorb at least 1 liter (33 oz.) of water.

Sand free
AbsorbLite's engineering allows for sand to slip off easily, so you leave the beach at the beach! Sand doesn’t stick to this towel even when its wet!

This baby will retain a lot of water.  The wetter you get, the better.

Engineered to dry in half the time than a regular towel.

Compact & light
No more carrying around bulky towels. Tesalate towels are lightweight and roll into a compact size to easily fit into your tote.  Also, great for traveling.

Tesalate's Facebook page has exploded to over 330,000+ organic members and Tesalate is the most reviewed beach towel in the world with a very high customer satisfaction rate. Each towel costs $59 USD and they are available from the Tesalate website. Find KIDS' TOWELS