The Attraction of Adventuring in Monaco

The Attraction of Adventuring in Monaco

As city-states go, Monaco is both enticing and intriguing in equal measure and is the second smallest independent state in the world (second only to the Vatican). Perched on the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco oozes wealth and is well known for its year-round glamour and celebratory atmosphere. Thankfully, those wanting to explore the principality in a more understated manner have a number of options at their disposal. Similarly, there's plenty to do and see if you're a regular traveler and fancy choosing Monaco as your next holiday destination or adventure. Without further ado, we've delved deeper into what makes Monaco so appealing and put together a concise guide of what you can do in the area.

Why Monaco?

Whilst most people tend to tag Monaco on as extra trip when visiting France, Monaco is undoubtedly worth a longer visit. Those who have been following Sky Atlantic's hit television series Riviera will probably already be aware of the stunning scenery, remarkable architecture and around allure of the principality of Monaco. However, there's no real substitute for being there yourself. Monaco benefits from an ideal geographical location when it comes to the weather. With remarkably sunny summers and very mild winters, you can visit Monaco all year round without ever having to worry about packing your pac-a-mac. Although we don't like to admit it, it's also nice to be able to brag to our friends co-workers about where we've been and Monaco will almost certainly impress in this regard.

What To See and Do

Monaco has a long association with roulette and the casino so it's no coincidence that it's home to one of the finest establishments in the world. The Monte Carlo casino is perhaps the attraction which best encapsulates what Monaco is all about and the building was used in the James Bond films, Goldeneye and Never Say Never Again. While these classics predate the rise of online casinos, they're certainly an option now, where fans of games such as blackjack and roulette can brush up on their skills thanks to Aspers welcome offer and various other bonuses on the platform.

Fans of Formula One will already be aware of The Monaco Grand Prix and why it is a must-visit during your Monaco visit. However, even fair weather fans of the sport or those with no interest at all will be able to appreciate the way the state handles such a prestigious event. In a similar vein, film buffs can visit a number of actor Grace Kelly's favorite haunts, as well as the Saint Nicolas Cathedral where she's buried.

Plan Ahead

The phrase "good things come in small packages" is probably truer of Monaco than most holiday destinations around the world (the state itself only covers around 200 hectares). However, there isn't an inch wasted and there's plenty to sink your teeth into. This is of course by no means an exclusive list and merely details a few of our favorite picks. However, with proper planning, a long adventure holiday in Monaco will afford you plenty of time to see everything on the list and more.