The Best Beach Clubs in Dubai

The Best Beach Clubs in Dubai

It's the perfect season to enjoy the beach clubs! There are a lot of them in Dubai, each with different moods and styles. Actually, most of the best beaches in Dubai have various clubs. In 4 years in Dubai, I have been able to test a lot of them and in this article I will share with you my favorites as well as the must-haves!

Cove Beach

If you've been following me for a while, you know that Cove Beach is one of my favorite beach clubs in Dubai in terms of quality / price ratio. It is located in the Caesar Palace Hotel on Bluewater Island. The place is superb, there are 3 swimming pools and the beach is also top.

For the food, I advise you to order from your deckchairs and not to go to the restaurant (a little too expensive and the food does not suck).

Rates (reservation required)

  • Week (Sunday to Thursday): 200 AED (100% exchangeable)
  • Weekend (Friday and Saturday): 200 AED (100 AED exchangeable)
  • Wednesday: Ladies Day AED 149 (alcohol + food tray)

Near Nikki Beach

Do I really need to introduce you to Nikki Beach? This beach club is iconic in the world and is present in destinations such as Ibiza, Miami or Saint Tropez, recognized for their nightlife. The one in Dubai is no exception to the rule, except covid, there is a lot of atmosphere and you can also rent cabanas or even villas to have a more VIP experience.

Rates (reservation required)

  • Wednesday and Thursday: 150 AED (100 AED exchangeable)
  • Weekend: 300 AED (250 AED exchangeable)
  • Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Drift Beach

One of my favorite beach clubs also, it is located in the One&Only Royal Mirage hotel. The place is absolutely superb, the beach as well as the pool. The restaurant is also excellent but the only downside is that the entrance is not redeemable.

Rates (reservation required)

  • Week: 150 AED (non-refundable)
  • Weekend: 200 AED (non-refundable)
  • Monday and Tuesday: Ladies Day 75 AED (non-refundable)


This is a new beach club that has just opened in JBR. With no less than 20 bars and 3 restaurants, it will quickly become a staple of the night life in Dubai. I was able to visit it, the pool is very nice but personally I'm not a fan of the beach, too artificial for my taste.

Rates (reservation required)

  • Week: single deckchair - 150 AED (100AED exchangeable) / double deckchair - 350AED (250AED exchangeable)
  • Weekend: single deckchair - AED 250 (AED 200 exchangeable) / double deckchair - AED 450 (AED 350 exchangeable)
  • Tuesday: Ladies Day 150 AED (unlimited drinks)

Train beach

In addition to being a beach club, Train is also a gym, so don't be surprised to see very fit and very muscular people there. The place is very nice with two swimming pools, and access to the beach. It is located in the Sea district and the restaurant offers a lot of healthy options. Out of covid, this is where you have to go to listen to the best DJ in Dubai, Hash Mehdi!

Rates (without reservation, bring your towel)

  • Week: 200 AED (100% exchangeable)
  • Weekend: 250 AED (100% exchangeable)


You could see this beach club in my Instagram stories last weekend.

Located in the Al Naseem Hotel in Jumeirah (one of my favorite hotels), this is the best place to get a view of the Burj El Arab hotel. The pool is rather small but the beach and the view are worth a look.


  • Week: 200 AED (non-refundable)
  • Weekend: AED 375 (non-refundable)
  • Without reservation (but go very early if you want a deckchair, during the high season hotel guests are given priority in this beach club)

White Beach

With its infinity pool overlooking the beach and its boho-chic decoration, the Atlantis beach club has also become a must-see in Dubai. If you are looking for a brunch to do while being in a bikini on the beach, I recommend the one at the White Beach on Saturday.

Rates (reservation required)

  • Sunday, Monday and Wednesday: AED 150 (100% refundable)
  • Tuesday: Ladies Day-150 AED unlimited drinks - Men-150aed exchangeable
  • Friday: 300 AED (200 AED exchangeable)
  • Saturday: brunch (alcohol + unlimited food) women: 325aed / men: 375aed

Twiggy by the Canteen

If you saw my passage in 66 minutes on the M6, you could see this beach club.

The peculiarity of this place is its "Lagoon", an infinity pool overlooking Dubai Creek with sand inside. The beach club is superb and the restaurant (which was created by the team of the restaurant La Cantine) is also excellent. If you are looking for a rather quiet place to do as a couple, I recommend this place.

Rates (reservation required)

  • Week: 200 AED (non-refundable)
  • Weekend: AED 250 (non-refundable)


I put it in the must-see list because it is very popular in Dubai due to its fame in Mykonos. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, we find especially the golden youth of Dubai. I am personally not a fan of this beach club, the beach is small and there is no pool. The restaurant on the other hand is excellent but rather expensive.

Rates (reservation required)

  • Week and weekend: 200 AED (non-refundable)


If you are looking for a rather family and kids friendly place, I recommend this beach club which is located on the Palm. The price is also much lower than in most beach clubs in Dubai.

Rates (without reservation)

  • Week: 65 AED (non-refundable)
  • Weekend: 90 AED (non-refundable)

Five palm trees

If you are looking for a place to party and meet people, Five Palm is your beach club! The place is very big with 2 swimming pools, several bars and the beach. Outside of covid, there are often DJs and organized events.

Rates (without reservation)

  • Week: Women -100 AED (100% exchangeable) / Men - 150 AED (100% exchangeable)
  • Friday: Women-150 AED (100% exchangeable) / Men - 400 AED (250 AED exchangeable)
  • Saturday: Women-150 AED (100% exchangeable) / Men - 250 AED (150AED exchangeable)

Anti-Covid Measures

To limit the spread of the virus, DJs and live entertainment (singer, dancer, musician...) are no longer allowed in beach clubs at the moment. There's always music, but it's more ambient music.

He must also respect the rules of social distancing and wear his mask in common areas such as toilets.


(Prices subject to change without notice) Prices vary throughout the year depending on the season. The highest prices are always during the months of November and December and the lowest prices during the months of July and August.

The entries are also often "redeemable" which means refundable. For example, you will pay AED 200 for the entrance, but this AED 200 will be used for food and drink inside the beach club. So you pay 200 AED but you can spend this 200 AED as you like in the beach club.

The required age

In most beach clubs, the minimum age requirement is 21 years old. Minors and children must therefore be accompanied by an adult to be able to enter (identity cards are very often requested).


For some, you will need a reservation to secure your deckchairs. For others, there is no reservation required, it is the first-come, first-served rule. So when there is no reservation required, I advise you to arrive early to guarantee your seats. But if you live in a hotel closer to the beach or any of the beach clubs it will be easier for you to reserve a deckchair. Such hotels can be found at

Article by Tomas Green