The Best Beach You Never Heard of...Porto Santo, Madeira

The Best Beach You Never Heard of...Porto Santo, Madeira

Madeira has been known for more than two centuries as a paradise with warm year-round temps, plenty of sun, world-class hotels, and lots of things to do. But, “beaches” has never been on the list (although you can swim in the sea, since most of the swimming pools of the major hotels in the Island are built into the sea).

Madeira has a little-known sister island that through lots of infrastructure investment and planned growth has emerged as the best little beach in Europe. While Madeira is lush, green island, Porto Santo is a dry crescent with a six-mile long beach on its central bay. The light yellow sand is rich in magnetic rock and that same sand has a healing power. The clear waters of the bay are always warm with no undertow.

Tiny islands cap either end of the long beach and the rest is backed by dunes with beach grass and cactus flowers. An occasional café is off of the beach, but for the most part, the ample sands turn into fields where grapes are grown for the local wine. The downtown is charming and historic with a 17th century museum dedicated to Columbus (he lived on the island) and a central square from the 16th century. About four main eateries and a few boutiques flank the square. But, even in mid-summer, there is a sleepy, relaxed feel to Porto Santo.

The best way to explore the uninhabited interior of the island is on foot, as the hills rise and fall along easy-to-hike trials. The north coast is all rocky cliff, with the small park at Fonte de Areia notable as a picnic spot and a place to admire its windblown sandy cliffs. And, all four of the island’s high peaks are an easy hike.

So for a beach without high-rises, a laid-back feel, healing sands, and even bits of china washing up on shore from shipwrecks, check out Porto Santo. Yes, it has golf, tennis, new hotels and carting, but once you see the beach… you won’t want to go anywhere else!

An amazing Carnaval celebration is to be found on sunny Madeira Island, where celebrations go back centuries.

Carnaval officially begins on the Friday before Lent and ends on Shrove Tuesday, with the whole island being caught up in the party. It is Feb. 23, 2020.

Carnaval on Madeira is one of the region’s liveliest festivals. Funchal wakes up on Friday morning to the sound of brass bands and carnival parades, which is then continued at night with concerts and shows in the Praça do Município for five consecutive days.

On Saturday night, it’s time for the great parade of floats followed by singing and dancing in a magical atmosphere of music and merrymaking.

On the day of the Carnaval itself (Shrove Tuesday), Funchal host the big parade and there is party in the streets.

Funchal is a warm, bustling city that rises from the Atlantic like an amphitheatre. It boasts forts, an historic old town, well-preserved churches, inviting museums, and regionally crafted wines. It is a walkable city with a pleasant harbor and a medieval cathedral more than 500 years old. Funchal is also perpetually sunny, but when the sun goes down, it’s easy to find entertainment, fine cuisine and music in its nightclubs, restaurants, and casino. The black cliffs surrounding Funchal are dotted with world-class hotels. There is an art museum, wicker toboggan rides, wineries, an open market, seaside parks… and so much more.  The Lavradores Market features the colors, aromas, flowers, fruit and fish of Madeira.