The Best Luxury Travel Accessories for Business Travelers

The Best Luxury Travel Accessories for Business Travelers

If your job has you traveling to different parts of the world it can become a pain if you leave unprepared. Businessmen who are frequent fliers know that traveling smart requires a selection of top-notch gear.

Getting a stiff neck from sleeping poorly on the plane or sifting through unorganized travel documents and tangled tech chords can be frustrating. Packing the proper accessories, gear and luggage will help ensure a smooth trip.

Here we list the best luxury travel accessories for businessmen on the go.

An efficient portable charger

While on an important business trip, a dead phone battery can mean you will not be able to check on your work email or be contacted by your peers. To prevent this, a backup portable charger is your best mate. An efficient sleek lightweight battery can give your phone, tablet, and hotspot emergency power to help you get through your day before you can make it back to a power outlet in your hotel room. Make sure to check the different configurations before purchasing a power bank to fit your device needs.

A comfy travel pillow

A travel pillow will help you through one of the most trying travel moments- sleeping with others on public transportation, be it on a bus or plane. Look for a U-shaped neck pillow made from memory foam. It will help support your head and neck during a long haul flight. Purchase a pillow with a washable cover to make it easy to clean.

Bluetooth earphones

Bluetooth devices have become the go-to travel essential by most businessmen on trips for work. This enables you to listen to your favorite playlist without the annoying cables. Search for the top Bluetooth earbuds that can offer noise cancellation features and extended battery life when connected to your favorite gadget. Some are made for outdoor activities or for indoor exercises as well. Due to major advancements in technology, Bluetooth earphones that are charged properly can give you a minimum of 11 hours of use and uninterrupted music.

A compact toiletry bag

Pack a sleek toiletry bag with interior pockets to keep your bath essentials organized. No one wants their cologne mixing with their toothpaste! Certain kits offer waterproof nylon linings inside so any spills can be easily cleaned up.

Carry-on Luggage

Most businessmen look for quality wheels on their luggage, because a carry-on will be with you while at the airport and throughout your journey. Wheels will help avoid the hassle of carrying and keep you from becoming exhausted walking to different terminals at the airport. There are 2 wheel, 4 wheel, and 8 wheel designs. The 2 wheel option is great for businessmen who prefer to pull their luggage as opposed to pushing. The 4 wheel and 8 wheel options are better for travelers who want to keep their luggage in an upright position. Choose what works best for you. Check if the handle is sturdy and comfortable for your height. A carry-on bag should have a decent number of pockets to store essential items like a laptop and a camera. Before purchasing, it is also important to know the bag’s weight limit.

Stylish laptop bags

Current trends have made laptop bags more fashionable for the business traveler. Stylish laptop bags now vary from trendy backpacks to designer totes with built-in sleeves or removable cushioned compartments. Choose from an array of trendy designs that are made to protect your hardware and carry all your inflight travel necessities.

A pair of soft compression socks

Anyone who travels a lot can benefit from compression socks. Standing for long periods at an airport, long flights sitting and heading straight to a business meeting can take its toll on one’s legs and feet. Compression is proven to help with a person’s blood flow, circulation, swelling and helps ease the pain. New designs are now available that come in fun colors, patterns, and prints.

On the go shaving kit

It’d be best to pack basic shaving gear in case your flight is overnight and you have to attend a meeting the very next day. It’s good to look clean and fresh after your trip. There are a variety of portable shaving kits available with a shaving brush, lathering bowl, and special shaving cream and oils. Make sure to get a handy zipped leather case to keep everything in place.

A luggage tag

To prevent your baggage from being misplaced or not located easily on the airport carousel, consider state of the art luggage tags that can be attached to your bag. It comes with a Bluetooth tracking device that can be installed on your phone. This helps you keep tabs of your bag’s locations wherever it may be.

Cashmere and Silk Eye Mask

Cashmere fabric isn’t just for scarves and gloves. Purchasing an eye mask that combines luxurious fabrics like silk or cashmere is perfect for frequent fliers who want to catch some sleep while traveling.