The Best Luxury Travel Tips

The Best Luxury Travel Tips

After more than a year of travel restrictions, you have finally decided to take a vacation. You have your location picked out, but how can you make sure your experience is truly exceptional?

Luxury travel offers unforgettable experiences that you may get only once in a lifetime. Therefore, it becomes crucial to do everything right. Below are the best luxury travel tips that you should know about.

Consider where you will stay

When we think of a luxury trip, we ultimately think of a 5-star hotel. However, there are other options. You can always book a private villa that comes with several exclusive amenities such as private pool, media room and much more, as well as allowing you to relax and rejuvenate away from the crowd.

Another option you can choose is a cruise. If you are traveling to a beautiful place like Croatia, you can travel via luxury cruise Croatia. A luxury cruise provides an enthralling experience that is difficult to replicate any other way.

Consider your transport

A true luxury experience begins the moment you leave your doorstep. Therefore, you need to consider your choice of transport. You can always go for a first-class flight that guarantees comfort, or you can choose a private jet charter for an even more exclusive experience.

Hire a driver

Once you have reached your travel destination, you would not want to travel via public transport or self-drive cars. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire a driver who can take you to your accommodations and famous tourist spots in style. Since you are hiring a driver, you can choose from a wide range of luxury cars. You can travel via a luxury sedan while enjoying a sparkling glass of Champagne.

Make friends with your hotel concierge

There are a lot of extra benefits you can get by befriending your hotel concierge because they are the ultimate insider. Hotel concierges usually have the knowledge of the best suites, best restaurants, clubs, etc. They might even be able to provide you with extra perks and benefits.

One of the ways you can establish a good relationship is by making sure you tip them for your service. Mmake sure that you do not get overly friendly as hotel concierges can sense when you are talking to them for your benefit. So, stay genuine and do not push their boundaries.

Hire a private guide

Hiring a private guide can make things even more comfortable and easier for you. Since you may be unfamiliar with the setting you are in, having a private guide to accompany you will remove all the hassle from your trip. Also, these guides know the history and culture of the destination, and they can help you out with getting the best experience as they know their way around.

Visit a 5-star restaurant

Part of the joy of traveling is tasting the authentic cuisine of the country you are visiting. Ask your concierge or private guide for the best recommendations. There are also Michelin-star restaurants that offer a mouth-watering palette of flavors that you should try at least once.

Therefore, try visiting a 5-star restaurant or a Michelin star restaurant while you are traveling. In addition, you can look for local pastry shops that are famous in the area to further enhance your food traveling experience.

Find a luxury hotel bar

Your five star hotel will have the perfect place to enjoy cocktails.  If you’re staying in a villa, there will likely be great bars nearby.  However, even if you are visiting a beach or an island, you can always find bars that are set up for people to chill out and enjoy drinks in a relaxed setting. So, make sure you look for a great bar to end your day on a perfect note.

Now you know all of the tips that can enhance your luxury travel experience. Make sure that you gather enough information ahead of time about the country or city you are traveling to. Bon Voyage!