The Best Modern and Luxurious Floor Coverings For Bathrooms

The Best Modern and Luxurious Floor Coverings For Bathrooms

In recent years, bathrooms have become a space for relaxation and unplugging. It is the ideal place to relax during a shower and enjoy a moment of tranquility and self care. This new reality means that the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom floor are more important than ever.

Modern and luxurious bathrooms are the current trend. They are no longer perceived as a hidden place that doesn't deserve attention. From bathroom flooring to decorative accessories, there is a range of opportunities to design the perfect bathroom.

The floor is one of the critical pieces to make this space functional and enjoyable. The most modern ones provide a luxurious avant-garde decoration, as well as protection and durability.

What Type of Flooring do You Choose For The Bathroom?

The floor must be resistant and durable because bathrooms are constantly exposed to moisture. You have to choose a material that will withstand these conditions in the long term, so wood, for instance, would not be a good options.

There are materials with more suitable characteristics for these spaces, and the trends show it. Let’s explore some functional and visually appealing flooring solutions..

Here are some types of modern and luxurious flooring for bathrooms:

Suitable Variations of Wood

Wood is not the best choice in bathrooms because it deteriorates quickly. However, there are tropical woods that are more suitable for humid places. It is a viable material if the floor is regularly maintained.

Another alternative is to choose a material that mimics wood's warmth and luxurious look. Cosentino flooring combines organic and modern, creating an attractive natural aesthetic in bathrooms.

Natural And Luxurious Stone that Stands Out

Natural stones are the perfect material for bathrooms. They fit the minimalist design without losing the organic aesthetic. Stone flooring can last several decades and is also aesthetically pleasing. The most popular materials are marble, granite, slate and limestone. Either choice is modern and luxurious, although they have their drawbacks.

Natural stone is a quite expensive material, so it’s not a possibility for every budget. Due to their porosity, they also require some maintenance (cleaning, polishing, and sealing). Fortunately, there are alternatives on the market that mimic its appearance and are more affordable and practical.

Ceramic as a Luxury Option

Ceramic is known for being modern and luxurious. It is a material that is consistently among the trends for its durability, moisture resistant, and has unique designs. The finish is non-slip and has antibacterial properties.

It is perfect for minimalist or geometric styles, including luxurious elements. Additionally, there is a wide variety of models and formats to choose from.

Porcelain: A Step Beyond

Porcelain tile has more advanced characteristics than ceramic. The coating is even more resistant, durable, dense, and waterproof for an affordable price. It is maintenance-free, cleans very easily, and is perfect for humidity. It is a step ahead in bathroom decoration for its aesthetics and functionality.

Vinyl Flooring (PVC)

A novel material is PVC, which withstands moisture for a long time if the pieces are installed closely together and well-sealed. Vinyl floors are installed with a self-adhesive or a click system. They are easy to clean, and stains come out quickly with neutral soap.

So far, PCV is the most popular choice for geometric styling. Modern bathrooms show off furniture and accessories in different geometric shapes to match the floor. It is a detail that creates an interesting atmosphere.

Microcement: The Modern Floor

There is no better material than microcement for a modern, practical, personalized floor. It is a non-slip material, waterproof, and very resistant to shock. You can choose from different colors and textures, although the smooth and continuous finish is the most popular now.

At Cosentino, microcement is used because it is easy to apply and combine to create modern bathrooms in different styles. The color can be similar to cement or sand or use a completely different texture. Some of the most on-trend colors are Dekton Onirika, Pietra, Urban Crush or Le Chic because they enhance the bathroom's aesthetics.

Chevron Pattern Tiles

Elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom with the best in modern and luxurious floor coverings by exploring the exquisite collection of chevron pattern tiles which not only add a touch of contemporary elegance but also ensure a sophisticated ambiance for your bathroom space.

The Handcrafted Touch of The Hydraulic Tiles

They are handcrafted with a vintage and avant-garde touch. It is one of the most decorative ones, and they are manufactured with the same artisanal processes of yesteryear. There are hundreds of different models available in a variety of sizes and styles. It is a not-so-common choice, but it has incredible results.

Modern and luxurious bathrooms make life easier because they have become a valuable, necessary and pleasant room. It is crucial to consider the type of flooring as a main aspect of the creation or renovation to ensure durability and comfort in the long term.

Bet on risky colors, new trends, and textures to create a more innovative space. The variety of trending options is ideal for having a custom bathroom that is on trend. If you do it right, the change can last for years.

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