The best places in Northern Europe to spend New Year’s Eve 2018

The best places in Northern Europe to spend New Year’s Eve 2018

New Year’s Eve 2018 is fast approaching, everyone has their own way of celebrating, while some prefer to stay local or indoors some decide to venture out of their hometown and see how the special day is celebrated elsewhere!

Europe is a perfect place, there are many hidden gems that are worth the visit. The experts at Baltic Travel Company reveal the top 7 places that would be the perfect spot to ring in your New Year either with friends, family or a special someone. So, get ready to pack your bags…


Why Finland?

The beautiful scenery is covered by glistening white snow and frost making it the perfect backdrop to create the unique atmosphere for the perfect New Year’s celebration. Wild Taiga is filled with forests and clear lakes with guaranteed snow fall throughout the winter.

Things to do and see

The region is perfect for wonderful destinations including the unmissable Northern Lights, it is most famous for its wildfire in which some of which are rare or even extinct elsewhere in Europe. Take part in a guided excursion in which you can watch the wild animals of the forest including large beasts such as wolves and wolverines. The location of North Finland means that there is always plenty of snow in the winter for snowmobiling, reindeer sleigh rides and husky safaris. To bring in the new year enjoy outdoor celebrations with fireworks hitting the sky amidst the snowy atmosphere.

Where to stay

Hotel Kalevale is located perfectly on the shores of Lake Lammasjarvi in Eastern Finland which is close to the Russian border. The hotel building mirrors the nature that surrounds it and is on a unique setting. There is mass space to relax overlooking the picturesque lake.


Why Tromso?

There is nothing better than immersing into the new year with an artic adventure in the Norwegian wilderness.

Things to do and see

You can bring in the New Year in the snowy Artic Circle with a clear sky filled with multicolored waves and fluorescent ribbons of the Northern Light. You can choose from a selection of wilderness cabins, aurora chalets or Sami Lavvu tents.

Where to stay

The Thon hotel is a modern business hotel situated in the city centre. Guests will have easy access to the centre via the public transport links.


Why Riga?

Experience the end of year celebrations by visiting the largest of the three Baltic capitals.

Things to see and do

A walking tour will take you through the old town to visit the Riga castle, the Dome cathedral, St Peter’s Church, the Swedish gate, the Three Brothers and the Freedom Monument. An extra bonus is enjoying a tour along Riga Boulevard to the Riga Art Nouveax in which you can see an array of cafes. Bring in the new year by visiting one of the many galas on offer, equipped with food and dance.

Where to stay

Artis Centrum Hotel is in the centre of Vilnius’ Old Town and is set in a building which has been renovated from the 19th century. All the rooms are elegantly furnished and are in perfect walking distance of all major sights with the guests enjoying the views from the Old Town and Gediminas Tower from their windows.


Why Kiruna?

Share the last night of the year with everyone in Swedish Lapland! Enjoy the spirit of the Northern nights whilst enjoying a supper and a host of wines.

Things to see and do

Imagine when the clock hits 12 and you’re enjoying champagne in the midwinter night around a crackling open fire! In Kiruna you can embark on an array of winter activities. Join a guide on the snowshoe tours in the snow and learn to drive your own dog team whilst immersing yourself into the history of the city of Kiruna.

Where to stay

Camp Ripan is the perfect place to stay when in Kiruna. The main buildings panorama windows offer wonderful views like the open mountain landscape. The cabin ensures great care with decoration to ensure guests feel like they are in Sweden’s northernmost city.


Why Loften Islands?

Experiencing the beauty that is Lofoten Islands for New Years Eve is a not to be missed opportunity as you can take in the breathtaking scenery whilst overlooking the fireworks.

Things to see and do

The Lofoten Islands are known for steep mountains, deep fjords and the elusive Northern Lights. You can also join the local guides on an exciting hunt for the Aurora Borealis can celebrate New Year’s Eve with local specialties.

Where to stay

Staying at the Svinoya Rorbuer will make your holiday that extra bit special. You will find activities on both land and sea as the Rorbu cabins are located ideally on the waterfront with the sea of one side and the mountains on the other.


Why Malangen Brgger Resort?

The resort offers revitalizing and unique experiences which can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what age. The resort allows you to experience the clean fresh air of the Scandinavians whilst living in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled natural surroundings.

Things to see and do

You can go showshoeing, cross-country skiing or dogsledding through the surrounding breathtaking winter landscape. It is vital to take a 15minute walk up to the Wilderness Camp Nikka, so you can admire the Northern lights by a warm fire. Bring in the New Year with an extravagant midnight firework show absorbing the views.

Where to stay

Malangen Fjord resort offers scenery which overlooks Malangen Fjord making it your perfect stay! The Scandinavian designed accommodation gives you the possibility to see the Northern Lights dance across the sky from the comfort of your own bed.


Why Greenland?

Greenland is exceptional for its snow and nature. Kangerlussuaq and Iluissat which are two of Greenland’s most popular destinations have an array of things to do this New Year’s Eve.

Things to see and do

You can experience one of Greenland’s most traditional means of transportation - sled dogs alongside impressive icebergs and clad rocks. New Year’s Eve in Greenland is a unique experience just because you get to celebrate New Year’s twice! At 20:00 for Denmark and at midnight for Greenland.

Where to stay

As its going to be dusk most of the day and dark at night it is important to stay somewhere perfect for the winter weather. Hotel Icefiord is located on Greenland’s west coast in the town of Ilulissat and has views of Disko Bay. From the hotel bar you can see all the icebergs in their glory whilst enjoying a drink at the bar.

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