The 5 Best Tips for Buying a Luxury Travel Trailer

The 5 Best Tips for Buying a Luxury Travel Trailer

We are all born with a little wanderlust - a natural-born urge to explore our surroundings and try new experiences. While traveling has always been popular, the level of RVs and trailers has risen to new heights over the past several years.

If you are thinking about hitting the road and purchasing a luxury travel trailer, there are a lot of things to consider. With more customizable options than ever, your trailer can become your home on wheels.

Before you invest in a luxury travel trailer, you should take time to assess your needs and expectations (not to mention your budget), before buying. To help decide which choice is the right one for you and your travel companions, consider these five best tips.

Who is Traveling?

When we purchase a home, we are always considering how many people will occupy it, including guests and pets. When purchasing a luxury travel trailer, the same needs must be met in your home on wheels.

Remember that while you want to accommodate your friends and family while on your travels - the needs that come first are yours, your partner’s, and your children and pets!

You simply won’t be able to offer the same amount of space for every guest or “visiting” family member you have, so prioritize your needs from the start to help guide you in your decision.

Daily Life

There is nothing more counter-productive than choosing a luxury travel trailer and having it not meet your daily needs. These are, your more practical needs. You will want to consider your daily activities that are non-vacation/travel related when choosing a trailer.

For example, if you generally cook most of your meals at home, you will likely prepare food regularly in your travel trailer. While you won’t have a full-sized kitchen, there are several adjustments and designs you can choose which will allow you to continue family meal time.

If you are traveling with children, you must be sure that there are comfortable beds for everyone. Sleeping arrangements may significantly influence your choice of luxury travel trailers.

Will you have to work from “home” while traveling? Some luxury trailers can be customized with smart technology, including cell routers and boosters. If off-grid living is your daily lifestyle, more battery power will also be necessary.

Maximize Time

Whether your adventure time is limited or if you will be on the road full-time will play a huge part in what type of luxury travel trailer you choose as well.

If your travel needs are mostly for a long weekend or week-long trip, you can likely find a smaller luxury travel trailer to meet your needs. If relaxation is a priority over kitchen cooking, your luxury trailer may focus on comfort over daily convenience. It will all depend on what you need!

For extended or off-grid trips (no matter the length), your trailer needs will vary drastically. You need to consider water and sewage hookups and/or models that best suit the areas where you plan to park your luxury travel trailer.

If your trailer is to be used as a guest room or workspace, you can customize your design accordingly to meet those needs.

Off-grid Needs

If not relying on power, water, or sewer hookups and going off-grid is your thing, you will have to consider special set-ups in your luxury travel trailer.

Luckily, these adjustments are easy to add, such as a compostable toilet or one offering an easy and hygienic emptying cassette system.

And despite some beliefs, you can still have continuous hot water, even when living off-grid in a luxury travel trailer, so no outdoor showering or river baths are necessary (unless desired).

You will want to consider the percentage of time you’ll be off-grid vs. parked in a facility with hook-ups, as it is also possible to have a luxury travel trailer that supports both.

Activities & Experiences

It may sound surprising, but when choosing a luxury travel trailer, your needs outside of your home on wheels matter too.

If you will mostly be visiting family and not spending a lot of time in your actual trailer, you can choose a more simple design so as not to waste space or over-extend your budget.

For a more glamping experience, your trailer may have a more luxurious interior. If you enjoy a lot of outdoor (messy) activities, you may opt for a travel trailer with a larger shower or equipment storage.

Whatever travel needs you and your family have can finally be met. Before deciding, use these five simple tips to help you consider your needs and manage your expectations before buying a luxury travel trailer.