The Best Vacation Destinations for 2021

The Best Vacation Destinations for 2021

With the summer being in front of us, you may be thinking of a well-deserved vacation. 2020 was a hell of a ride, and you want to treat yourself right. We wanted to compile this small list of the hottest places this year for traveling and holidays. Be it that you are looking for some quick inspiration to have a nice relaxed trip or that you want the full traveling experiences with the big crowd, this shortlist will help you find that sweet vacation spot.

  1. Greece

The reasons Greece is so popular are numerous. From the beautiful people to the dream-like beaches, the cradle of civilization has it all. The hot sun and the blue sea will bring anyone peace and add the amazing food and drinks there; you have a perfect holiday. Beautiful as it is, if you want to immerse yourself into history, this is the perfect place as Athens will greet you with so many archaeological sites and places to visit. On top of all that, if you want to party, Mykonos is perfect for that and one of the most important things, it is all very affordable.

  1. Spain

Spain has been a travel favorite for many years now. The weather, the beaches, the way people live...especially if you didn’t travel to Spain till now, this is the time to go. Be it that you want to spend time inland visiting historical places and museums, enjoying the vistas, or if you want to move more forward to the sea, you can’t go wrong with Spain. As Greece, Spain has an array of islands that you can visit and feel the real islander life for a bit. If you want a more lonesome trip, maybe visiting the Canary Islands would be your best bet.

  1. Thailand

Thailand has become one of the most popular paradise-like destinations. Exotic, tranquil, and magnificent are some of the words we would use to describe this beautiful country. Thailand offers a real adventurous holiday with its wildlife options and tours. You want a three day elephant Thailand; you can get it. Oh, and if you want to try a real different cuisine, well, this is the place to be. Spicy, tangy, hot, and super different from everything you ever tried. A real treat for all parts of the body and soul.

  1. Turkey

Let’s get a bit back, but still east enough. The coastline in Turkey is something that should be seen and felt. The food too. Just visiting Istanbul is a treat in itself. One of the liveliest cities on the planet, full of vibrancy and things to do. An amazing nightlife and world-class restaurants if you’re up for that. You can’t really go wrong with Istanbul. We can also suggest visiting Cappadocia too as it is one of the most magical places on the whole planet. Turkey is also pretty cheap, so if you want to buy things, this will be your shopping heaven. All from lamps to clothes, to well anything really!

  1. Brazil

If you want a real adventure vacation with all the jungles, anacondas, exotic animals, and river monsters, well, Brazil is your place to be. The Amazon rainforest has been described as the Earth's lungs, and this tropical rainforest is a magical place to visit. If the jungle is not up to your alley, you can decide to visit the sandy braces or maybe be part of the amazing carnival where you will dance away in the night. Dangerous, too, so we recommend getting Globelink annual travel insurance to be covered for any things that could happen.

  1. United Arab Emirates

Dubai. What more can we say. An amazing feat of human engineering, Dubai is for those who really want to lavish in ultimate luxury. The UAE is the richest country in the Middle East, and it can give you a lot of activities. Be it that you want to see some of the most beautiful buildings and mosques in the world to amazing desert safaris where you are sure to live out the sunsets of your life. The city skyline of Dubai is something to behold, and we guarantee it won’t ever become boring.

  1. Slovenia

You may not have heard much about Slovenia, but this small country between Italy and Croatia is an amazing place that is not yet overrun with masses of tourists. With some perfect pieces of nature, you will be sightseeing on a snowy mountain top, and in just hours, you will be with your feet in the Mediterranean Sea. Slovenia has put itself on the map with its food and drink lately, and this is a must-visit place for any gastro tourists.

  1. Italy

Do we need to talk about Italy that much? Do you want to experience authentic cuisine that has spread all across the world? Do you want to feel the signs of ancient history wherever you look? Maybe you would like to immerse yourself in so many art and museums that two weeks would not be enough to look at half of the places you would visit. On top of that, see some amazing beaches and vistas. Well, that’s Italy for you. It is a tad lower on our list, but it is a real dream destination.

  1. Morocco

Another destination full of variety, Morocco, may be your top pick. An ultimately colorful country with a lot to explore. Accessible and cheap, this country will provide you with a unique view into the religion of Islam and how people live in that part of Africa. Be it that you want the ocean or maybe the high desert mountains, Morocco will provide. Oh, and we love the fresh mint tea that is drunk daily. It may be counterintuitive to drink tea in the desert, but the hot beverage actually cools you down.

So with that, we hope that we gave you some sort of inspiration where your next dream destination will be. Enjoy your vacation, and have a safe trip!