The Court Cocktail Bar Opens at Palazzo Manfredi, Rome

The Court Cocktail Bar Opens at Palazzo Manfredi, Rome

With unparalleled views of the Colosseum and the Ludus Magnus, the ruins of the most important school of gladiators in the Empire, guests will enjoy a cocktail menu curated by mixologist Matteo Zed.

Matteo joins The Court with a wealth of experience from all over the world, including Japan and New York. His passion for amaro - bitter liquor - will be recognizable in his creations and the daring menu will include innovative drinks as well as a section dedicated to the Forgotten & Unforgettable Classics, including Old Cuban, Penicillin and Piña Colada. Among his signature cocktails, 'The Rising Sun' includes gin, yuzu juice, powdered matcha green tea and honey, served in a traditional matcha teacup and prepared using the traditional chashaku and chasen to blend.

The hotel's one-Michelin Star Aroma Restaurant, located on the rooftop terrace, will be supplying guests with delicious aperitivo bites to complement the delicious cocktails on offer.

This new exciting destination for Romans and those visiting the Eternal City has been designed by LotoAd Project Studio, who have selected Italian brands to furnish the new bar.

Palazzo Manfredi is a rare and timeless gem in a luxurious 17th century palazzo located in the heart of the historical center of Rome that offers 20 rooms & suites with the most beautiful views over the Eternal City, including the Colosseum, the Imperial Forum and the Domus Aurea.